10 Web Design Trends That Can Change the Way to Interact with Audience

October 4, 2019 @ 11:00 AM By Ashley Marsh

With the change in technology, consumer behavior changes and so does the way we interact with websites. Upgrading with the latest web design trends will not only make your site look modern and professional but also engages more with the audience. The end of the year 2019 is near and it’s time to look ahead at what website design could look like in the year to come. It is essential to keep the audience tied up by keeping your website updated with current web design trends and technology.


A Glimpse at 10 Web Design Trends That Will Be Huge in the Coming Year


1.       Serifs Font- Serifs are attractive font type that draws the attention of the audiences to a certain aspect of the page. Sans is usually clear to read and easy “go-to” font for your website. That is still the font of your choice when there are large chunks of copy on your webpage. Brands use bold Serifs in headers and callouts pages. Serifs font are perfect for emphasis that engages the audience and is more adaptable for them.


2.       Glitch Art- Trends list will be unfinished without some form of retro design making its comeback. In our modern time, glitch art is becoming more popular when computers are so prevalent. Its retro look intensifies the feeling of mixed-up and provides the website with a more mind-blowing look. The audience interacts easily with attractive and different looking websites. Users easily catch attention to that part of the site that is wide open, changed and glitchy.


3.       Asymmetric Layouts- Most websites are grid-based and the grid is made of imaginary lines. It helps layout elements on the page to stay in order. To be unique the website owner will implement a broken grid technique. All the design elements will be placed indiscriminately. This will be the top web design trend for 2020 and make your website look more creative.


4.       3D Design- Usage of 3D elements is another spectacular trend for 2019 and 2020. With the use of 3D design, the audience will enhance more interest in the brand while engaging with it. In the movie and gaming industry, the importance of 3D graphics has already been acknowledged. Therefore, web design is not lagging behind. To offer improved user experience, AR and VR design will turn out to be the leading web design trend in 2020.


5.       Rise in Chatbots- Chatbots are implemented by almost all online businesses. Human support will be entirely detached with the use of Chatbots. This is because of the progression of machine learning and artificial intelligence. A chatbot is one of the growing and modern web design trends right now. With the help of chatbot instant answers are provided to the users’ questions. It supports them to collect user feedback and improve themselves by remembering audience preferences. Their bright color not only makes them more projecting on the page but also more appealing.


6.       More Video Content- There is nothing new with integrating video onto your website. However, its strong design aspect can set you apart from your competitors. It will not only diversify your page but also fascinate audiences who don’t want to read through lengthy and wordy text. Adding more video content to your website is a powerful trend that brings you close to your valuable users.


7.       Thumb-friendly Navigation- With mobile browsing having strongly surpassed desktop, design overall is becoming more and more thumb-friendly. By 2020 more thumb-friendly sites will be created using web design. With the reach of your thumb, it becomes easier to use the site. More and more users will come across navigation custom-made to the thumb.


8.       Minimalism- Minimalism is one of the most classic and go-to trends on a website. Too many glitzy pieces of content and elements can be distracting for the audiences. The user will have to think less with the fewer elements and content on a website. If a website is designed in the correct way, it will show the audience exactly what they are looking for. Minimalism will carry on to lead the digital world in 2019 and 2020.


9.       Bold Colors- Bright, loud and bold colors are not only immersive but also attention gainers. Bright colors help engross more audiences by inducing emotions and a positive mood. Consumers these days’ carry ultra-powerful smartphones that display incredible eye-catching images. Today’s consumer expects bold and beautiful imagery. Many online brands use bold and loud colors to stand out among competitors and engage more consumers.


10.   Voice User Interface (VUI)- More and more individuals nowadays are moving towards voice-over text. Audio controllers and Voice user interface (VUI) have changed the way we search the web. Users can easily interact with a website through voice commands. Not many companies have adopted this technology yet. However, by 2020 it is expected to be the new normal. Let your audience enjoy the browsing on the website by taking the benefit of the voice user interface.


Final Thoughts


The superiority and rapid advances in mobile technology have changed the perspective the world accesses and interacts with websites. Web design has taken a more tentative approach now than we have seen in the past. With the passing of time, the tastes, preferences and prospects of the typical web user shift drastically. There are still many surprises in store for the coming years in the web design industry. You have plenty of time to contribute your own originality to this list of web design trends. Put your user base at the heart and stand out from the crowd to really make a difference. And that is what should actually be incorporated in all the web design trends over the next 12 months.


Look for plugins, if you are using Drupal web design for your website. It will enhance its user-friendliness and will permit it to integrate with audiences and other assistive devices. Make your web developer work on such a feature.



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Ashley Marsh is a senior content writer at Maan Softwares Inc. She has been writing for various companies for over four years on a variety of topics. Ashley specializes in technical writing with an emphasis in mobile development, web design, and technology trends. Ashley finds covering the tech world to be an exciting and engaging experience as each day brings new and groundbreaking technologies to explore and write about. When she’s not writing about tech she enjoys walking her two chihuahua-poodle mixes, Ginger and Pepper.

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