Advance Features of Native Application in 2020

January 13, 2020 @ 3:52 PM By Smith Mason

Native applications are developed with the software programmer that supports a single platform (android or iOS) and support mobile devices. It can be optimized on different platforms such as, desktops, television and several other gadgets. One can access the web pages on their mobile devices with these mobile application. Certain skills and technologies are examined for creating Native mobile applications by implementing mobile iOS features for the apple store and android for the other devices. Both time and efforts are needed for creating native application.

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There are two kinds of mobile application, one is native and another is hybrid application. Native application works on one platform and Hybrid application works on both platform (iOS and native). One can build mobile application on HTML, JavaScript and CSS platform and launch them on app stores.

Advantages of Taking Native Mobile Application

    • Better Performance: the mobile application works on different APIs (application programming interface) without concerning web views and plug-ins. Native application are faster and can be created in less time in comparison with hybrid application.  It is performance –centric and used to develop gaming app and make them responsive for mobile application.
    • Accuracy: software development kits are used for building native apps and are made accurate by using user-interface for highly-functional application. Developers can ensure user- friendly device without causing any disruption in service.
    • Implement new features: one can update suitable plug-ins and themes for creating an effective and responsive mobile application for the users. Having single platform can allow it to make update of the new features and improves its functionality.
    • Tools used for Native Application in android: Kotlin, C++ programming language, and Java language for by using different development kits such as, android SDK, firebase and many others. It is an integrated development environment (IDE) and use command line tools (Mac, Windows and Linux) are some of the common tools used for building native application.
    • Tools used of iOS application: Swift and Objective-C is used for the development purposes and specifically designed for the iOS operating system with a secure source code. XCode, Test flight, iOS SDK and SwiftPlaygrounds are some of the platform and testing application used for testing purposes.
    • Need not to Take Permission:  in the native application, developers do not require any permission from the different operating system, as only one platform is enough to serve the purpose. Concerning different platforms as in hybrid application takes more time and efforts in comparison with native application.
    • Establish Communication with Targeted Customers: The one, who want to maintain communication with certain business groups and with internal staff, then they can consider native application. Besides, one can decide their customer type and develop mobile application accordingly.

Take Native Android App Development Service in USA

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