An Intro to Facebook Advertising

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Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular social media platforms. Since Facebook Advertising entered the marketing scene, quite a lot has changed. To say the least, every business needs a presence on this platform today. Businesses can do a lot with Facebook, they can host 360-degree videos and photography, sell products, or even serve as a top news source for the over 2 billion active monthly users. Through advertising, Facebook can be a perfect social media platform for businesses to market their brands as well as maintain an online presence.

For most people, Facebook is the internet and this is enough reason why businesses should take a candid look at Facebook advertising and reach out to millions of users.


Facebook ads are a targeted way businesses can reach out to their potential customers and create a relationship with them. Since Facebook advertising focus is on relationship marketing, businesses can also use Facebook ads to better connect with their consumer base, collect audience insights, engage them to provide more leverage and visibility to their brand, raise brand awareness, chat with users, deploy and track advertising.

But how can businesses make Facebook Ads work for them? One thing for sure is that they need to know their target audience. Some businesses fail in this sector by placing ads in the wrong people’s newsfeed. Simply put, you cannot put up a gaming ad to someone who isn’t into gaming, or a fashion link to someone who isn’t into fashion.

Facebook offers a number of advertising options that can meet any kind of business advertising goal. There are 5 major types of Facebook ads businesses can exploit to reach their target audience:

1. Page Post Ads
2. Marketplace Ads
3. Promoted Posts
4. Sponsored Results
5. Sponsored Stories


As mentioned earlier, Facebook Advertising is an effective tool for growing and expanding your business, generate leads and create loyal customers. Some reasons why businesses should incorporate Facebook Ads are:


Boasting over 2 billion active monthly users, there is little to be added to the sheer audience size Facebook possesses.


On average, people spend about an hour on social networks every day. Exploiting this feature can garner your brand adequate attention and even generate leads and sales.


Within Facebook, targeting options are limitless, businesses can target users by demographics, age, interests, gender, location, behaviors, etc. Businesses are also coming up with and using new targeting practices such as Hyper-Targeting. Hyper-targeting is a technique we, as an agency came up with, this technique uses Facebook to target and reach the exact audience and customers businesses are looking for. For instance, we can set up an exact radius in a specific location and have all the adverts directed to the people residing in that area.


Outlined below are some reasons why businesses should incorporate Facebook Ads to their Advertising and Marketing Strategy.

• Businesses can expand their network and ‘web’ of reach
The sheer size of Facebook makes it advertising more effective. As mentioned earlier, over 2 billion users are active on Facebook every month, this means if you run a Facebook Ad, billions of people will come across it. On average, people spend close to an hour on Facebook every day and this can be a grand opportunity for businesses to expand their network.

• Businesses can reach and serve more people if they use Facebook Ads
since almost everyone has access to the internet and most notably, Facebook, businesses can take this opportunity to reach their intended audience as well as connect with new users signing up every day.

• Businesses can advertise their message/product with content.
Facebook algorithms allow for the posting of different media components, i.e., images, video, and text, all this is aimed at promoting user interaction. Businesses can thus better promote their brand and create awareness through interactive advertising.


Remember audience targeting and building a ‘custom audience’ base is the backbone for successful Facebook Advertising. Businesses can use Facebook Ads to not only target their intended audience but also connect and engage with them. We are experts in the Facebook Advertising field and currently work with countless businesses in Los Angeles, California, generating revenue, expanding brand awareness and bringing in new and more business for our clients. Get in contact with us today and let’s get those ads working for you and your business!

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