Five Types of Blogs That Bring Money

December 16, 2019 @ 2:10 PM By Helene Cue

People get into the blogging scene for various reasons, including becoming popular and making some money. However, the blogging niches matter, as some offer an opportunity for scalability and expansion when it comes to popularity, while some are well-suited for making money. Just like in economic sectors, some niches are more lucrative than others.


Ultimately, it boils down to the laws of supply and demand. Thus, in the money-making context, some blog niches have a high demand content-wise, while some not so much. Here is where the monetization comes in. Those people who select the niches can scale and make money as long as they put in the work.


    • Personal Finance Blogs


Among the most contestable, debatable, and pertinent topics, today is personal finance. Management of personal finances is not an easy endeavor, as some might think. It has its bag of intrigues and intricacies. The key areas in personal finance that are a concern to most people are expenditure, debt, saving, as well as investment.


The number of blogs or even books and articles on personal finance is endless. People from various parts of the continent and different walks of life write about personal finance day in day out. Therefore, this is a niche that can offer you the opportunity to scale and make money in the process if you execute well.


    • News


The world changes fast. Events happen on a national and international scale that shape almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it is politics, the economy, technology, or business – changes in these areas make headlines on an hourly, if not less, basis. It is common knowledge that there is a whole array of news organizations at the forefront of providing this news for public consumption. Still, there are niches like analysis and an in-depth review that exists.


News blogs can be a lucrative source of money, like most people, if not all, want to be up to date on various happenings, and some would pay for objective analysis and coverage.


    • Fashion


The fashion space is an exciting place because styles get in fashion while some become outdated. This is an ever-changing space. This is an area that is mostly dominated by ladies, and this is so for some reason, the most prominent being that ladies have a thing for fashion compared to their counterparts.


There are various angles that you can consider going about a fashion blog. The blog could entirely focus on new styles, vintage stuff, product reviews, or even tips and tricks on how to “kill it.” Whichever angle you choose to work on, giving your best and perfecting your art could be the money-making activity you have been looking for.


    • Entertainment


One thing that most people cannot do without is entertainment. People need to satisfy their needs related to entertainment – most of which include music, movies, and TV Shows. However, a significant majority of people do not know how to go about this. That is why they look for guides and recommendations on the web.


Starting a blog focused on entertainment will surely have returns. Apart from the usual mix of music and movies, you can go ahead and include stuff that your audience likes. This way, you will get them hooked, and you can consequently build a considerable following or audience.


In most cases, scaling and monetization need numbers. Once you have the numbers in your audience, then you can swiftly monetize your blog and make money. Entertainment blogs rank among the top blogs when it comes to making money.


    • Food


People eat daily. However, they do not eat the same meals throughout. Some do not even eat what is conventional. While some people like to have their piece of steak, some are vegans. This is what makes food a very hot topic among many folks today.


Whenever an area is hot and has a huge following, then there is an avenue to make money. Whether it is recipes, reviews, or recommendations, starting a food blog offers you many ways to scale and make cash.


However, doing so requires that you choose an area or areas of focus, and work on them well by putting in the necessary time, effort, and energy. By so doing, then you are setting yourself up for a money-making blogging experience.


In summation, there are various types of blogs that you can create and make money, and these range from personal finance blogs to fashion blogs to food blogs. The secret is creating top-notch content, and content that is relevant to your audience so that they do not get bored reading your blog.


About the author:

Helene Cue is a writer with years of experience in blogging, writing, and content marketing space. Helene has developed custom content for various blogs, writing services and is well-versed with various areas in writing. Helene is a regular writer at Studicus and writes for other blogs as well.


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