How to Write a Spotless Christmas SEO Strategy

December 7, 2019 @ 11:02 AM By Dorian Martin

The Christmas season is here, and people like shopping during this time. If you have an online business, this could be the right time to take advantage of uncontrollably spending masses. One thing you need to work on is your blog. You need something like a Christmas SEO strategy. This is why we are sharing a few tips on how to write a spotless Christmas SEO strategy and win big with your business in the Christmas mood. 


Get the Basics Right


For your Christmas SEO to work, there are fundamentals of SEO you need to adhere to, for the strategy to succeed first before assessing what you would like to achieve this season. Your on-page SEO needs to be on point.  You also need good Meta tags and URLs that target a specific keyword as identified using the keyword research process.


Moreover, work on the technical SEO capabilities of your website. Remember, the run-up to Christmas is a good time to optimize your page. Optimizing your page offers you more conversions in case you are in e-commerce. Furthermore, you can capitalize on the traffic for more marketing gigs. Beef your SEO techniques on Cognitive SEO.


Also, you need to write excellent and unique content. For good SEO writing, you can use tools such as Supreme Dissertations or Studicus. These services have several good writers in the content writing business that could support your everyday content writing needs.    


Repurpose Existing Content


According to Melanie Sovann, a content marketing specialist at WowGrade, “if you have done multiple articles on your blog, then it might be time to rework some of them for the Christmas season. You will need to have some impressive writing skills to give your article remarkable freshness.” Repurposing your message could mean adding some flesh into it if you left out some things when working on it previously.  If there is no other way you could repurpose your content, you need to hire someone else to repackage the contents of your website freshly. 


Make Your Website Mobile Friendly


Many people read blogs or access information on anything that could be on a product or service on their mobile phones. You, therefore, need to make your website and content mobile-friendly the way other digital marketers do even when it is not Christmas.  Some of the ways of making your content or website mobile-friendly include: 


       Make your web speed on mobile snappy. This means using smaller images that have lesser loading times to avoid increasing bounce rates. A fast website could help you cash in on fast online shoppers during the festive season.   


       Ensure your page is responsive to your mobile phone. Do not hear it from someone; check on your phone whether it responds appropriately. 


       Make necessary information easy for a mobile user to access. This means that the user can find items such as location, pricing, and direction.  Use WordPress plugin, Tabby Responsive Tabs, to make it work it easy to reach such items. With a CMS, you could install a responsive template. Any plugins you have installed or functionalities may be affected by this, but the result will be impressive.


       Make your content easy to scan. This comes in the form of bullet points, headings, and subheadings that make it easy for your Christmas client to go through your articles.


Track your website


Lastly, as you work on your Christmas SEO strategy, you need to know how the page is performing. You might need to use tools such as Google Analytics to know the rank of your website and work towards improving it. Several metrics you need to pay attention to when tracking your website include:


       Sources of traffic: As much as your page is receiving traffic, you need to be aware of where the traffic usually comes from always.  Google Analytics always categorizes your traffic sources into organic, social, referral, and direct sources. Organic traffic is often traffic through search engines. Social traffic by social media. Referral traffic when people type your domain on a browser and referral as traffic from another website.      


       Bounce rate: these are the number of people leaving your website the moment they land on it. Common reasons include broken websites, low load times, poor website appearance, and poorly targeted keywords.  Keep in mind, these are not absolute and that you may want to ask through comment boxes, surveys, and emails about what looks wrong on your websites to get a better idea of what could be the turnoff.   


       Top pages: These are your well-performing pages. You will get an impression of what people like on your websites and work on give them something similar to the performing posts. Especially what they want to read about during the festivities.


       Conversions per traffic source: You need to know how each traffic source leads to people staying on your site. Work on increasing your direct and referral traffic because they are more powerful to whatever profitable purpose you need your website to serve.  

Now that you know what to do to make a spotless Christmas SEO strategy, what you need is get to work and capitalize on this Christmas season, which just started. Starting with basics, to fresher content, to mobile compatible content, and lastly to tracking whether whatever you are doing with your website to increase its traffic, reduce bounce rates, and get more conversions is actually working.     


About the author:

Dorian Martin is a digital guru and a writer of all things digital. He began his career in college studying computer science and mass communication, a major and minoring, respectively. Currently, Dorian writes for content writing services Best Essay Education and TrustMyPaper and loves every second of it. He loves sharing his experience in digital marketing, SEO strategies, and business insights. 

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