Watching Digital Marketing Evolve: 6 Advancing Perspectives

November 19, 2018 @ 12:43 PM By

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We live in a society driven by the power of digital technology. The digital era has an impact on us so powerful that nowadays there are places in the world where people might not have concurrent electricity or running water but they do own the latest smartphones. Smart technology, smart phones backed up with the power of digital technology has incredibly contributed to how things are being done and how businesses are operated, totally changing the interactions between people and lifestyles.

Nowadays, businesses have very well understood the power of digital marketing and quite well grasped the smart techniques to utilize the power of digital to build a brand name, reputation and popularize it for creating a great impact.


Let’s walkthrough and understand how digitally advanced we have become and how is this helping us:


Communicate in Moments’ Notice

Thanks to social media platforms, such a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others –we can win almost any game of marketing with its help in reaching a targeted audience. Social media can bring any business in obscurity into the spotlight by winning an identity for it through its platform and it’s available to be implementedby a business of any size;what matters the most is the online presence, followed how the brand is perceived through its social media marketing strategy.


The Power of Influence Through Content Was Born

There isn’t a fixed quantity number of articles which are required to be shared regularly in order to market a product with the help of social media marketing platforms, but consistently reinforcing value through content helps not only build an active audience but a healthy brand. Did you know? Nearly every 60 seconds, each day there are around 3.3 million people around the world that share a Facebook post, and a whooping number of 29 million messages are shared only through Whatsapp. There is an overload of content on the digital space nowadays and digital marketing gives any business its space to breathe in the marketing world, building a businesses’ own brand identity and a reputation that potential clients can trust, which is why content is a largely influencing factor over other methods of marketing.


Digital Marketing Brings Transparency

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing preaches transparency. In 2019, 81% of online shoppers areself educatingand perform research about a product before making a purchase and it’s all online in forms of video, content, reviews or other alternative means. Whether you’re looking to buy a toothbrush or an alarm clock, there will be unlimited content reviewing the product and endless websites competing on price and value. Knowingly, utilizing a digital marketing approach offers transparency like never before and has pressured companies to innovate and build a strong digital marketing base.


Learning About Your Prospects

Digital facilities empower the businesses to understand the consumer behavior and buying pattens better and specifically target highly qualified prospects with accuracy based on age, sex, location, interests, current interests and so much more through tools such as Google Analytics. Based on Google Analytics data, organizations are able to study the data and create highly effective digital marketing campaigns and even view the data with ease over traditional spreadsheets with tools such as Domo, which connects data, systems and people into one graphical dashboard that provides real-time insights.


A New Breed of Bloggers & Influencers Were Born

When regular people with the help of various social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube etc. become popular and gain large number of fans and followers online then they are termed as influencers and a large part of their responsibility is to influence their audience into their believes, ways of livings, product recommendations and other mediums which define ways of life. In retrospect, businesses no more feel the need to hire celebrities to endorse their product due to digital influencers or the so called influencers.

Have you ever come across the blogs (and vlogs) of the Swedish Web based comedian with a unique name PewDiePie? He currently has more than 70 million followers on YouTube alone which makes him more popular than a celebrity and better trusted and respected in comparison to a celebrity. Also, there are micro influencers who have pretty less followers but still can have strong influence on in people’s day to day lives.


Incredibly Fast

Digital marketing delivers fast paced results. All you need is a team that can up skill themselves in accordance to the latest marketing techniques, technologies backed by being able to demonstrate value in comparison to alternatives. Digital marketing demands an agile workforce that can adapt and absorb the drastic changes that the market has to offer in terms of consumer behavior, competitive marketplace and competitors, regardless of your industry type.

Digital marketing companies are now also offering otherforms of digital marketing which assist businesses in adapting in their marketplace and establish their own niche.Platforms as such are categorized as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Many digital marketing agencies are coming up with this unique facilitation of merging software and marketing as one. An example of a SaaS (or PaaS) which bridges the gap between businesses having to choose software or marketing is Why Unified. It is digital marketing and a SaaS company that with their unique platform brings software and marketing into one platform, resulting in not having to choose one or the other as small business budgets become smaller and smaller.

More interestingly, this company brought a new process of marketing called Unified Marketing and business applications such as appointment scheduling, invoicing, online payments with Unified Workplace under one platform allowing small businesses to run their business in one place, hence, SaaS and PaaS.

Growth of digital platforms that merge digital marketing and SaaS has been ever evolving in 2018, judging that Why Unified recently acquired a UK payment processor, Verified Payments to reduce the credit card processing fees which appeared to be stringent for their two million users previously based on their growth in the UK and gaining market share with their new SaaS/PaaS approach surpassing 70% growth in comparison to previous years; this is a tell-tell sign that digital platforms which tie marketing, sales and operations in one SaaS/PaaS will continue to grow which will evolve and change the processes for small businesses, just like Domo changed and evolved the unnecessary need of spreadsheets.


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