10 Ways Brands Can Incorporate Video into Their Digital Marketing Strategies

Posted on: May 5, 2023 | Written by: Volume Nine

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When you’re scrolling through your social media feed, do you notice how video catches your attention much more than an image or text? Or, when you’re looking for information on a company’s website, do you search for an About Us or product video to quickly learn a lot about the brand? You’re not alone.


According to Invideo, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption in 2020, and nine out of 10 viewers said that they wanted to see more videos from brands and businesses. Fast forward to 2022 and online videos now make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — that’s 15 times higher than it was in 2017 (Cisco)!


So how can your company incorporate video into your digital marketing? Below are 10 ideas from our friends at 6162 Productions.


Product Videos

Have a new product or product line? Showcase it with a video. Sure, press releases and articles are informative but the possibilities are endless with video. Show the product being used, share the story behind why it was created, or talk about how it improves lives.


If it’s a technical product or something that’s harder to grasp, consider creating an animated explainer video or how-to demo. Go beyond the features of the products and really show the benefits and why people need it in their lives.


Brand Videos

Whether your company has been around for decades or is just starting out, now’s a great time to create a brand video for your website and social media channels. A brand video gives you the chance to quickly show people who your company is, what it stands for, and what sets it apart. Tell the story of how and why you were founded and what problems you solve for your customers. Authentically show the personality of your brand and your team.


Social Media Campaigns

Instead of a broadcast TV or radio ad campaign, create a series of short video ads for social media. These campaigns are often a lot cheaper and can be highly targeted to your audience, giving you easy access to analytics to assess performance. That way, you can test which versions of the videos resonate with your audience and provide an easy call to action to drive results.


You can use short video ads and/or posts to introduce new products or staff members (especially if you’ve had a leadership change), raise money (if you’re a nonprofit or startup), or simply bring awareness to your brand. Humor’s a great way to catch people’s attention as they scroll through their feed.


Recruitment or Employment Videos

After the Great Resignation in 2022, many companies are struggling to hire and retain talented people. Do you have open positions you need help filling? Make a video showing why people would want to join your team. Showcase the benefits your company offers (not just insurance and 401(k), but what makes your office fun, unique, and desirable), talk about your ideal candidate or team member, and entice people to apply.


Your HR team can also create an onboarding video to welcome new employees, disseminate key information in a fun or interesting way, and quickly make new hires feel like part of the team — whether they work in the office or remotely.


Office/Facility Tours

Give people an inside look at your business and the amazing people who run it. If you have a business that you want people to visit, such as a healthcare clinic, store, or educational institution, make a tour video to show it off and invite people to come. If your organization reaches people across the country (or world), create a compelling virtual tour video so they get a sense of who you are without leaving their couch.


Events or Conference Videos

There’s a lot you can do to promote an event or conference before, during, and after. Show some behind-the-scenes tidbits as you prep for the event, like making welcome baskets or centerpieces, arranging name tags, creating signage, tasting the food, etc. You can thank and showcase sponsors, help sell tickets, and build excitement for the upcoming event through these videos.


During the event or conference, film pieces of it or the event in its entirety and then create a short, exciting highlight reel as well as longer videos of keynote speeches, breakout sessions, panels, and award presentations. These videos are an awesome way to thank attendees and sponsors, raise additional funds, and promote the next event or conference.


Customer Testimonials

Ask your customers or clients what they like about your business or how your product or service improved their lives. You can take a day to professionally film these testimonials in one location or ask customers to film something on their phones and submit them to you. From there, consider sharing the testimonials separately on social media and/or your website, periodically including them in your emails, or combining videos to show the breadth of your customers. There are tons of ways to use this footage. Testimonials can also be part of a brand video or ad campaign in the future.


Helpful Tips

Are you in a service industry and open to sharing your expertise with your audience? Is your product not super intuitive — or have you found some different ways to use it? That’s great! Share these tips in a quick video on your website or social media channels. Make the content relatable and engaging so people want to share it with others.


Nonprofit Videos

If you’re a nonprofit organization, you likely have access to a wealth of stories of people you’ve helped. Talk to your program managers to learn more about the ways your organization has improved lives and solved problems for your clients. Interview clients about their experiences, showing what their lives looked like before coming to your organization and how they were improved after seeking help.


These emotional client stories can be used at fundraising events, in social media campaigns, and in donor stewardship communications to raise awareness and funds.


Advocacy Videos

If your company or organization champions a cause and wants to raise awareness, garner votes, or get constituents to act, do it through video. Instead of telling someone about the problem, inspire them to get involved by showing them why this is the cause to care about. Hopefully they’ll be motivated to not only join you, but share it with their friends and family to help you spread the word quickly.


Video footage is priceless. It can be used in so many different ways and shared across social platforms — giving it the power to quickly motivate customers to act, buy, donate, learn more…you name it. Even better, many customers are asking businesses to make more videos so why not jump on board if you haven’t already?


Contact Volume Nine today to discuss your video marketing strategy or reach out to 6162 Productions to learn even more about the benefits of video for your business.


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