Display Ads Vs. Text Ads: Which is suitable for your Business advertisement on SERPs?

Posted on: November 15, 2022 | Written by: semfirms

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Advertising on search engine results pages (SERPs) through ads has been in practice since the inception of the internet and search engines. Businesses have always sought new and effective ways to advertise their product or service online, which can be done through display ads or text ads. However, display and text ads are two different types of ad formats that should be implemented according to the market needs and suitability. Moreover, both ad formats have pros and cons that must be considered before choosing one over the other per your business requirements.


What are Display and Text Ads:


Text Ads are the little ads that appear above and to the right of organic search results. Display ads are those large banner ads that appear across the top of your screen or down the side of a webpage. They are usually static images with text and links.

Text Ads are more cost-effective than Display Ads because they take up less space, but Display Ads have higher click-through rates because they’re more prominent in position and design.


The difference between display ads and text ads


A text ad contains a link and typically appears at the top or bottom of search results pages but not in the search results themselves. They are also known as sponsored listings or paid links.

A display ad typically takes up more space than a text ad and may include images and multimedia content. It could appear within the search result page alongside organic results.

Both display ads and text ads have pros and cons, so it is best to research which will work best for you before investing in any advertising strategy.


The pros and cons of display ads


Display ads’ pros are that they create more exposure for the business and help you stand out from other companies. The cons of display ads are that they can be costly, and some people may not see them because they need to look at the right screen.


Tips on how to use Display Advertising effectively- This section should talk about -Determining what works best based on your business and how much you’re willing to spend to gain customers>: You must take a close look at every option available because each type has its benefits and drawbacks.


The pros and cons of text ads


The pros of text ads are that they’re cheaper and easier to set up. The cons are that they only appear if someone searches explicitly using those keywords, and if they don’t, the ad doesn’t appear.

The pros of text ads are that a wide variety can see them of people, and there is less risk of people not seeing them because they are looking at other things. The cons are that these are more expensive than display ads, and some mobile platforms don’t allow text ads.

The pros of text ads are that they can be more affordable and simpler to set up. The cons of text ads are that it doesn’t provide as much exposure as display ads.


Which type of ad is right for your business?


Choosing the correct type of ad for your business is crucial. The two main types of ads are text and display ads, but they have very different advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to consider your business goals, budget, and customer base when deciding which type of ad to use.

Text ads are often used by businesses that want to be more subtle in their advertising efforts or may need a larger budget for online marketing.

They can be cheaper than display ads and easier to create because the design is unnecessary. They work best when advertisers have established credibility, as consumers are less likely to click on an unknown company’s text-based ad. With these in mind, text ads would work better for businesses with lower budgets or less established credibility.




Using text or displaying ads depends on the type of business, customer, and goals. It’s important to know that each ad format has a different cost, so it’s important to research which one will be best for you. In conclusion, using Display Ads is more beneficial than Text Ads in most cases because they are more informative and eye-catching with vivid colors.


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