Facebook Ads Library: Your Secret Weapon to Successful Ads

Posted on: October 21, 2022 | Written by: Tania Leon, Digital Hitmen

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It is no big secret that the digital marketplace is a competitive jungle where survival of the fittest is the number one rule. Even if you are the most creative, successful, and tech-savvy amongst your competitors, you can be sure others are nipping at your heels to become the best.

Trying unique strategies and stepping out of your comfort zone is not always easy. That is why the Facebook Ads Library is an indispensable source of inspiration. You can see how ads look and the reactions they get before you make changes to your marketing. It is impossible to argue with Facebook’s reach. Year after year, the social media behemoth racks up higher numbers across a vast number of categories.

  • Facebook has the largest advertising audience on the internet at 2.74 billion people
  • 36.8% of the world’s population log into Facebook each month
  • A little over 34.1% of the world’s population over age 13 see Facebook ads

With such a wide range of potential customers, companies that do not take advantage of the scope of an ad audience on Facebook are missing significant opportunities. However, you do not want to toss advertisements randomly because that would waste huge amounts of money. This is where the Facebook Ads Library comes into play.



What is the Facebook Ads Library?

The ad library for Facebook began as a way to improve the transparency of ads on the social media platform. Additionally, Facebook wanted to prevent debacles like those seen in recent elections and avoid any cries of election interference. However, it is useful for much more.


How Can I Use the Facebook Ads Library?

To start, make sure you have a Facebook account. Even though you do not need an account to access the ads, there are some features that only Facebook members can use.

Consider the fact that the ads library for Facebook is,

  • A public database accessed at no charge
  • It houses every ad currently active on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. The library contains Messenger and Instagram ads because Meta (the company that is now Facebook) also owns Instagram and Messenger.
  • Users can view every detail of the ads. This includes:
    • The copy
    • The image
    • How long the ad has been live
    • When it launched
    • Any versions being A/B tested

Think about the potential that comes from viewing ads from around the world (including your competitors’ ads), being able to study them, and finding inspiration to create better ads for your own business. That is what the Facebook Ads Library is handing to you. What will you do with the information?


How Can I Access the Facebook Ads Library?

The simplest way to access the library is to enter the URL facebook.com/ads/library into your browser.



The Ad Library is user-friendly and requires no additional technical training to play around with.

Once you are there, you can start by searching for a brand and clicking what you want to see from the drop-down menu. For example, searching for Woolworths will get you an extensive list of Woolworths products so you can choose what is relevant to you and your company.



You can choose specific advertisers and select the particular media type you want to analyze.

The following page will show the advertiser’s information. This includes:

  • When they created the ad
  • How many ads they are running
  • The location of moderators.

You will see a grid when you scroll further. You can choose an ad, click “See Ad Details”, and get more information about the specific Facebook ad.


You can view the ad details by clicking on the “See Ad Details” button at the bottom of the ad.


How Can I Find More Data?

The report feature gives you the option to change your general search. You can filter to find ads that focus on important social issues, politics, or elections. You can break down this data as well.

  • By advertiser
  • The spending amount
  • The geographical location

Now you can see what competitors do with their Facebook ads in Australia, Canada, or any other region you choose. These specifics are only by country but eventually will become even more narrow.

You also can see how much others are paying and if you should change your strategies based on the competition’s moves.


What are the Most Useful Filters in the Ad Library?

Some filters are naturally more helpful in specific niches, but these three can help you learn some valuable information.

  1. Filter by the advertiser to see how cohesive their ad campaigns are, the techniques that appear to work, and those you should avoid.
  2. Filter by date so you can avoid running sales at the exact time as your competitors.
  3. Filter by media types to get a focused look at the competition’s ads based on those with images, memes, videos, or transcripts of videos. You will have a chance to see how consumers respond to types of advertising.


How Can I Use the Information to Make Better Facebook Ads?

A considerable part of compiling data is for you to get fresh ideas about how to run profitable Facebook ads. Here are some ways to get the most out of the Facebook Ads Library.

  • Find out the best media for your ads – If you notice the competition uses Facebook carousel ads and you do not, it might be time to give that a try
  • Learn new ideas for promotions – If you are only thinking of ways to use the Facebook ad Library for selling your products and services, then you are not thinking big enough. Notice how many ads promote eBooks and videos or boost brand recognition. You could be gathering a following using the same techniques.
  • Step away from your competitors and learn from industry giants – Learning all you can from your competition is excellent. However, take the time to see how the major players in any industry are doing things. While you may not have the budget to pay a rock star to wear your custom sunglasses, you may be able to catch a few tips on tone or product placement.
  • Notice Tone and Ad Copy – Compare your ads to some of those from the biggest brands in your or any other industry. Reading several, you will likely find similarities in tone, length of copy, and word choice. Do your ads have any general similarities? While you do not need to try and be a carbon copy of someone else, you might benefit from taking inspiration from the work. For example, do your ads contain paragraphs of painstaking detail? Do the ads by industry heavy hitters contain similarly wordy text? You can see how your ads could benefit from being concise and snappy. Save the details for a long description in an eBook.
  • Do some trend spotting – You do not need to copy someone else’s ads, but just like with tone and ad copy, widely embraced trends can improve the ads you feature. Are video advertisements all the rage? Have you noticed an uptick in memes? You can try mixing up your advertising style, especially if you are clinging to old methods that have run their course. One bit of caution is not to follow too closely, or you risk being lost in the crowd.
  • Get the timing right – There is a large body of research devoted to the timing of social media advertisements, and everyone from the postman to your gran has an opinion too. No offence to gran or any of the experts, but a surefire way to figure out when to post your ads is to see what the industry leaders are doing. If Nike’s brain trust believes Monday at 10:00 am is THE time for their Facebook ad to drop, there is a fair chance that the timing may work for you.

Seasonal planning of advertisements is critical to your success. Timing is not just about days of the week or which hour of the day you should plan for an ad. Scope out when other companies start running their ads for Halloween, Black Friday, or Mother’s Day, so you are not left behind. Use historical data to sneak ahead of the curve with your competitors.

These ideas are just a few of the ways the Facebook Ad Library can help you improve your advertising and boost your company’s presence on social media platforms.

If you are struggling with creating fresh and exciting ways to grab your customers’ attention, remember that you do not have to go it alone. You do not need to feel daunted by the competition. Use it to energise your marketing. Instead of resting on past successes, you should dabble in something new. Reach out to the digital marketing experts at Digital Hitmen. You can count on them for excellence in SEO, web design and online marketing strategies to elevate your business to the next level. For over a dozen years, the team has helped hundreds of companies like yours become kings of their industry’s jungle.


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