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March 19, 2021 @ 1:01 PM By Matt Haran, WebiMax

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Great news! We recently updated our SEO analysis tool to stay up to date with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Our tool analyzes your website and provides you a score outlining what areas on your site are good and where improvement is needed. To top it off, it is still free!

We firmly believe it is important for every business to get the most of their website and that is one of the main reasons we still offer this great resource.

Visit WebsiteAnalysis.com and fill out your information to get started!

Our analysis is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of your site’s HTML, content, SEO, user-experience, speed and other important factors. The tool conducts a complete overview to ensure that no area is being underutilized or underperforming.

Some new additions to the analysis cover user-experience and mobile layouts. Mobile is becoming the new leader over desktop and with that Google is relying heavily on mobile for a number of reasons. Google’s recent Mobile-First Indexing update is important to note here. To index pages, Google originally took the desktop version of the page but since changed that and now takes the mobile version of a page to put in their index. Google also released an update that mobile page speed is a ranking factor in their algorithm. Our tool now inspects a number of mobile factors which is why it is a great resource for your site. Other tools don’t always keep up with Google’s changes but we make sure we’re always evolving based on Google and their updates.

If you haven’t already, we recommend you give our updated tool some usage. Gain valuable insight as to what actions you need to be taking to improve your website’s ranking. We can even help you correct any errors the analysis found and answer any questions you may have. After all, we are a full-service digital marketing company with professional in-house developers capable of making any changes needed to your site.


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