What is a Safe and Profitable Crypto Exchange for Trading?

Posted on: November 25, 2022 | Written by: WhiteBIT

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Trading crypto is the way to make a profit from digital assets by purchasing and selling them at different rates. The fact is that the cryptocurrency market is not under the government or banks’ control, so prices are not fixed and cannot be increased or dropped by increasing or decreasing coins emission. Crypto market prices depend on other factors such as:

  • Demand and supply
  • Competitors
  • News background
  • The situation with the world economy, inflation rate, and other factors.


To know the current rate for digital coins, you can address the largest and most reliable crypto platforms Binance, WhiteBIT, etc.) and see the cryptocurrency price calculator. Pick the assets of your interest, and you will see their current price. The calculator displays the cost of crypto assets in the equivalent of other assets, both digital and fiat. For example, you have dollars and want to buy ETH coins. You enter the cryptocurrency price calculator and pick USD and ETH. The algorithm will calculate the cost of ETH in dollars at the current moment and the current market rate.

Beginner traders wonder what a safe place to buy crypto is. Let’s talk about it.


Safe and Reliable Crypto Exchange

Centralized platforms, such as those we have mentioned, offer the most relevant prices for digital assets. We recommend using the WhiteBIT platform. This exchange offers a wide selection of tools for trading crypto, such as p2p exchange, spot markets, futures, margin, leverage, and many others.

WhiteBIT ensures robust security for crypto assets and implements reliable mechanisms to protect users’ funds and data. Every client sets up two-factor authentication to protect the account from third parties’ involvement.

The exchange holds 96% of funds offline, leaving no chance for fraudsters to steal money. In addition, WhiteBIT has an Insurance fund with money reserves collected from users’ fees.


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