Top EMS Software Firms in United States - 2020 Reviews

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  • NowForce Solution

    Denver - United States

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    NowForce offers personal safety apps, cloud-based computer aided dispatch, and mobile response tools for campus security, private security, and public safety organizations, enabling reduced response t

  • StreetWise CADlink

    Mooresville - United States

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    Our flagship product, StreetWise CADlink, is the best tablet-based solution that places critical information in the hands of responders when and where they need it. We combine the typical functions of

  • veEDIS

    Juno Beach - United States

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    Emergency department software designed to streamline emergency department management while meeting patient care and safety goals.

  • AmbuPro EMS

    Fall River - United States

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    Turnkey approach that ensures ambulance connectivity through streamlined patient care reporting and EMS operations.

  • EMS Digital Narcotics Tracker

    New Port Richey - United States

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    You want the confidence that every dose is tracked and accounted for. Savealators Digital Narcotics Tracker module is the solution that: Manages every dose of opioids from receipt through usage (or w

  • AngelTrack

    Houston - United States

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    AngelTrack is NEMSIS certified EMS ambulance software in the cloud. Includes dispatch, call-taking, PCR/EMR, QA, billing, invoicing, fleet, timeclock, and HR. A single secure online application, acces

  • RescueNet

    Broomfield - United States

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    Suite of products for EMS and Fire Departments: dispatch, RMS, scheduling, ePCR, billing, and more.

  • PhaRmLogs

    Murrieta - United States

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    Designed for EMS & Fire Departments, PhaRmLogs is an affordable narcotics tracking and chain of custody solution. Incorporates QR codes and smart labels to give users and administrators a robust w

  • ShiftHound

    San Diego - United States

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    Online employee scheduling; fill open shifts and schedule your workforce online and real time. Point and click online scheduling of any shift based employees (full time, part-time or temporary). Overt

  • Sundance: CAD

    Valley View - United States

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    Designed for any size police, fire or emergency services department, 2 units to 200.

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