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  • Ltd

    Sofia - Bulgaria

    Public private blockchain development, Smart contracts development and audit, Decentralized applications development, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Security Token Offering (STO) development, Consult

    Services: Search Engine Optimization | Web Development | Mobile App Development | Digital Marketing | Blockchain Development

  • Humansee Labs LLC

    Minsk - Belarus

    Humansee Labs is an international high-tech platforms and custom solutions provider. We are represented in the USA and Latvia. R&D are located in Ukraine and Belarus. We primarily specialize

    Services: Web Development | Mobile App Development | Blockchain Development | IoT App Development

  • EnCata Soft

    Minsk - Belarus

    We provide wide range of services in solving complex data-rich business problems: We use Machine Learning for time-series study with subsequent prediction, algorythm creation for change tracking of

    Services: Blockchain Development | Data Analytics | IoT App Development

  • Block 42

    MI - Belarus

    We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, UX/UI designers, and architects bringing blockchain to the following areas:

    Services: Blockchain Development

  • InGrid Lab

    Minsk - Belarus

    InGrid Lab is a blockchain laboratory, delivering custom decentralized solutions for IoT, Enterprise projects and P2P marketplaces. We specialize in state-of-the-art blockchain technologies and

    Services: Blockchain Development | IoT App Development

  • Finwin Technologies

    Minsk - Belarus

    FinWin Technologies is a product and custom software development company. We have our own software products for NEO-banking and trading. Our products use face and voice recognition for identification

    Services: IT Services & Consulting | Blockchain Development | Data Analytics

  • ZubrSoft LLC

    Minsk - Belarus

    ZubrSoft is a trusted global software development company with more than 1 year of professional experience. We deliver a full spectrum of software consulting and development services to clients fr

    Services: Web Development | Mobile App Development | Ecommerce Development | Blockchain Development

  • CleverLabs

    Minsk - Belarus

    CleverLabs is a software engineering and IT consulting company. It focuses on needs of different kinds of businesses (enterprise and startups) from systems engineering to custom software development.

    Services: Web Development | Ecommerce Development | IT Services & Consulting | Blockchain Development

  • AIS Novations

    Minsk - Belarus

    Founded on December 30, 2010 AIS Novations has become a leading software web developer from Europe, an expert in design and development of web-based solutions. The Company's business model is based

    Services: Web Development | Blockchain Development

  • ChainArtSoft

    Minsk - Belarus

    ChainArtSoft is a team of expert blockchain developers from Minsk, Belarus. We have a track record in development of dApps on top of EOS, Tron, Ethereum, Steem and other popular blockchains. We hav

    Services: Web Development | Mobile App Development | UI-UX Design | Blockchain Development