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  • Nidhi Software

    kolkata - India

    we are software company also continue software for clients

    Services: Data Analytics | Data Analysis Software

  • MaxiLead

    Chennai - India

    We are the trusted online lead-generation partner for your business growth. With a clear knowledge sought for a decade on the challenges involved in lead generation, we have devised effective methodol

    Services: Web Design | App Development Software | Lead Generation | Retail | B2B Service

  • The Vistech

    Karachi - Pakistan

    The Vistech is one of the renowned organization working throughout the globe. It has provided its excellence in each and every aspect of Web solutions, Corporate Identity, Application Services, SEO se

    Services: SEO | Mobile Marketing | Email Marketing | Web Design | Web Development

  • Innovecs

    Kyiv - Ukraine

    For 8 years on the market, Innovecs has successfully managed over 100 projects in different domains including e-commerce, gaming, healthcare, etc. We create products from scratch, customize apps, or i

    Services: Game Development | Mobile App Development | UI-UX Design | App Development Software | Cloud Consulting

  • Dianys Holding SRL

    Iasi - Romania

    Providing quality services is a rule that we have imposed since the launch of the Dianys Holding project. Several years passed, the period in which we constantly improved each service offered and we f

    Services: Local SEO | Enterprise SEO | Link Building | Content Marketing | PPC

  • Scoreboard KPI Management

    Arlington - United States

    Scoreboard is your complete KPI and performance management solution. You can track metrics, build dashboards, manage projects, run reports, set alerts, give presentations, visualize your organization'

    Services: Data Analysis Software

  • Cluvio

    Berlin - Germany

    Cluvio is a modern data analytics platform that lets you run SQL queries against your database, process data in R, visualize the results and create beautiful, interactive dashboards in minutes. With p

    Services: Data Analysis Software

  • Statgraphics

    The Plains - United States

    Built for businesses across the globe and designed with powerful functionality for the professional user, Statgraphics Centurion 18 enables even non-statisticians to seize the advantages of business a

    Services: Data Analysis Software


    New York - United States

    XLSTAT is a user-friendly, comprehensive, affordable and performant statistical software that works as an add-on to Excel. More than 200 statistical features available in general or field-oriented sol

    Services: Data Analysis Software

  • Minitab 19

    Coventry - United Kingdom

    Minitab has the markets most trusted tools that streamline your workflow, a comprehensive set of statistics for analyzing your data, and visualizations for communicating your success. From quality and

    Services: Data Analysis Software