Top Social Media Marketing Firms in Slovenia

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  • Clover

    Maribor - Slovenia

    We are a team of senior designers and developers who, with our vast experience and knowledge from different startups, established brands and agencies, create MVPs and scale them for our clients and ourselves.

  • Setronica

    Ljubliana - Slovenia

    We are a software engineering company. From software products to core business applications, we provide development, testing, and infrastructure automation services to enterprises. We apply our latest technology knowledge, software engineering skills and agile methodology to effectively and efficiently ties...

  • Dewesoft

    Gabrsko - Slovenia

    Dewesoft handles complete data acquisition instrument design, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing... ALL IN ONE HAND. We are producing very flexible measurement instruments to measure parameters like voltage, current, strain, force, torque, pressure, distance, speed, rotational angle, rotational speed, velocity,...

  • Vareo

    Radovljica - Slovenia

    Vareo is Digital and Employer Marketing agency that connects Marketing, latest Digital Technology and Human Resources to create amazing customer and employee experiences that bring results and growth to our clients. For marketers we develop strategies and create digital experiences...

  • SmartIS

    Ljubljana - Slovenia

    SMARTIS helps different Slovenian and international companies with optimization and automation of their technical and business processes. Reference list includes banks, insurance companies, the economy, energy, telecommunications and government institutions. We help them understand risks and costs for better decision-making....

  • Abelium R&D

    Ljubljana - Slovenia

    An EU/Slovenian high-tech company, specialized in digital transformation (i.e. platform business model development), mathematical optimization and tailored algorithm development, with focus on great CX and putting the user first.   An interdisciplinary team of ~20 employees, including 11 PhDs, highly...

  • Halcom d.d.

    Ljubljana - Slovenia

    Halcom has been providing electronic payment solutions for financial institutions since 1992 and has acquired invaluable expertise through numerous successful projects. In-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art solutions have enabled Halcom to become a leading provider of payment system solutions. Halcom currently...

  • Agencija Epic

    Ljubljana - Slovenia

    Epic. Your digital agency. Experienced team that strives to goal oriented advertising. For the efficient web performance that brings results.

  • web solutions Ltd offers web, internet and computer related services. The company is still young, but the people that work for us are highly experienced and are helping create a better web and better software community for over 20...

  • Positiva

    Ljubljana - Slovenia

    Positiva is a fast-growing high-tech company combining creativity and software tools. We combine our extensive experience in traditional market communication and a development of digital tools in order to create an optimal set of communication solutions for our customers. Our...

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