Top 10 IT Services & Consulting Firms in South Africa - May 2019

  • 4 Entelect

    Gauteng - South Africa

    Entelect is a unique software engineering company that synthesizes technology and best practice to deliver world-class solutions to a diverse range of industries. Founded on the uncompromising pri....

  • 5 Zartner Technology

    Gauteng - South Africa

    Zartner Technology is a Software Development Company which offers a well thought out range of software products and services aimed at helping your business stretch its potential. We have a wealth ....

  • 6 JMR

    Gauteng - South Africa

    Operating since 1987, JMR Software (JMR) is technology agnostic, with a strong working knowledge and expertise in mainframe and mid-range systems. New technology advances at pace. Yet, if you want t....

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  • 7 Dariel

    Gauteng - South Africa

    Dariel is a proudly South African software company focused on creating world-class bespoke software architecture, using the latest cutting edge technology. For over 16 years, Dariel has employed e....

  • 8 Psybergate

    Parktown - South Africa

    Psybergate Consult provides project-leadership and project-turnaround services to our customers via their staff augmentation. For all our services we utilise Psybergate’s methodologies developed....

  • 9 Abangani Media

    Johannesburg - South Africa

    Abangani Media is a website development company based in Johannesburg (South Africa) which mostly works for small and medium enterprises. We specialise in WordPress websites and online stores. Aba....