Top 10 PPC Firms in South Africa - May 2020

  • 1 Quirk

    Durham Avenue - South Africa

    Quirk is one of the best online marketing agencies in Africa which was founded in 1999 by Rob Stokes, ....

    • Website :
    • Phone : +27214627353
    • Founded : 1999
    • Revenue : $10000-$20000
    • Firm Size : 999
    • Numbers of Client : 855
  • 2 WebGrowth Academy

    Western Cape - South Africa

    Webgrowth is a perfect blend of development and online marketing which also gives a simple training platform for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Neil Pursey, CEO of the firm has created it ....

    • Website :
    • Phone : +27218185792
    • Founded : 2011
    • Revenue : $10000-$20000
    • Firm Size : 49
    • Numbers of Client : 38
  • 4 EVER Group

    Cape Town - South Africa

    More commonly referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that a business can invest in. Why? Getting on the first page of search engines fo....

    • Website :
    • Phone : +27218305505
    • Founded : 2009
    • Revenue : $100,000 - $200,000
    • Firm Size : 30+
    • Numbers of Client : 100+
  • 5 More Clicks Marketing

    Western Cape - South Africa

    We understand your need to harness the power of the web to increase traffic, revenue and ultimately profit. That’s what we do. You’ll not only benefit from our years of experience in making brands....

    • Website :
    • Phone : +27827925457
    • Founded : 2012
    • Revenue : $100,000-$200,000
    • Firm Size : 49
    • Numbers of Client : 138
  • 6 Get Hits

    Claremont - South Africa

    Get Hits is a proudly South African Digital Marketing agency based in Cape Town. We specialise in getting websites optimised, noticed, followed, and enjoyed. Our specialist team works closely with all....

    • Website :
    • Phone : +27216712170
    • Founded : 2005
    • Revenue : $10000-$20000
    • Firm Size : 249
    • Numbers of Client : 238
  • 7 Fast Forward Marketing

    North Riding, - South Africa

    Fast Forward Marketing is an experienced digital support company which has about 11 years of experience in web designing and development and about 13 years experience in online marketing in the indust....

    • Website :
    • Phone : +27874901013
    • Founded : 2009
    • Revenue : $10000-$20000
    • Firm Size : 49
    • Numbers of Client : 47
  • 8 Smudge

    Johannesburg - South Africa

    Smudge is a professional web design company which is known to design smart websites that support busin....

    • Website :
    • Phone : +27114472740
    • Founded : 2008
    • Revenue : $10000-$20000
    • Firm Size : 249
    • Numbers of Client : 241
  • 9 R.O.I. Digital

    Harrington House - South Africa

    R.O.I Digital is a one man digital advertising agency which is fully based on result driven strategies of search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, social media, conversion rate optimization, con....

  • 10 NMPi

    London - United Kingdom

    NMPi is an international digital marketing agency with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. We have over 13 years of experience delivering....

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  • When selecting a Best PPC Firms, it is incredibly important to pay attention to the amount of information they request when first learning about your existing campaign. We focus on how much depth their team delves into your campaign prior to making any commitments or any expectations on what they will be able to provide to ensure they set an accurate expectation for their paid search campaigns.   Keyword Selection   To ensure the companies we select provide an exceptional strategy for delivering competitive results for critical keywords in a paid search campaign we analyze the company’s strategy for identifying important keywords and organizing them in an effective manner. We urge buyers to ask their pay per click management company about their method of selecting the right keywords and how keywords are organized and tracked in the campaign.   Creation of Effective Ads   One of the most important elements of a Best PPC Firms campaign is the advertisement itself. We ensure that recommended PPC management companies provide their customers with advertisements created with the keyword and campaign in mind, ensuring that each individual search is met with an advertisement created based on actual research tailored to the purpose of the keyword.   CPA Minimization   An effective way Best PPC Firms work to get the most value for the clients is through minimizing the cost per acquisition of their campaigns. By reducing the cost of each click and increasing the conversion rate of a landing page, pay per click management companies help their customers achieve more with their marketing budget. We ensure that Best PPC Firms which we recommend take CPA minimization as a primary concern for the benefit of their clients.   Automation   The automation component is an integral part of the evaluation to ensure that the companies being recommended not only have the skills and knowledge to create effective campaigns, but are also backed by industry leading tools for automating repetitive tasks while still retaining the most effective practices. We investigate what methods of automation each Best PPC Firms uses to ensure a swift improvement for their clients’ campaigns.