Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria


Evaluation Criteria Featuring All Desired Results

We at semfirms.com carry out a proper research preparing a detailed list ensuring that users can find the top SEO companies with a rank according to their performance. Our in-depth research depends on the company’s performance and thus you can get familiar with all positive aspects. We analyze the quality of work and even we help you to get familiar with all optimistic features. We analyze the reviews according to which we come out with a detailed listing featuring the top SEO companies delivering the best results according to your needs. We evaluate the processes, reporting and success of the SEO campaign carried out the specific company.


Five Key Areas We Evaluate

Here are mentioned the five key areas depending on which we come out with true beneficial options:

We first analyze the ability of the vendor to deliver customized results according to clients’ needs. The company must be able to understand clients’ needs ensuring that the agency meets all specifications in real time.

The SEO company, need to make a detailed keyword analysis coming out with all effective keywords. We understand whether the company uses competitive keywords or simply keywords to enhance the ranking of client’s site.

We are here to assess the on-page optimization work. It’s important for us to know whether the company has a clear understanding of how the search engines work. They must be able to optimize the Meta tags and Meta titles handling an effective on-page optimization. Alongside, we also review the off-site work ensuring that the page gets a higher ranking.

We also investigate how they carry out the link building process coming out with all feasible solutions. In addition, we also get a clear view of the advertising campaign along with online press distribution featuring all optimistic results.

Lastly, we analyze the detailed reporting module establishing a relation with the SEO features. We make sure that the SEO firm comes out with all good suggestions ensuring that you get access to all optimistic aspects.

Now, you can feel the confidence that helps you to explore the real time benefits of hiring skilled SEO professionals.


Common Enquiries

How the company carries a detailed analysis before starting the work?
What would be the overall investment?
What are the 3 things you need to change for a better experience?
What’s the time frame along with a suitable ROI?


Project Specific Queries

What are the project specific keywords that would help the site to achieve a good ranking in popular search engines?

How the company modifies the results following the Google’s rules getting familiar with all feasible options?

What’s the efficiency of the report, which the company offers to the clients? What are the metrics they cover for better results?

What’s the next step the company would take for a better ranking in the search engines?
How many of the top keywords achieve a ranking in top 10?


Overall, you can explore a nice backdrop and we are here to handle all the facets as you need ensuring that you are at the right place finding all effective solutions.