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Lessons Any Company Can Take from Plastic Surgeon Marketing

With the pandemic lessening in many parts of the country, do you feel like you should be doing more to take advantage of all of the customers/clients who want to use your products and/or services? Many business owners feel that way. One group that’s looking at an influx of new customers: plastic surgeons. The “Zoom…

What a Digital Marketing Company Can Provide that Most Don’t Realize

Does it seem like your competitors have greatly increased their marketing efforts recently? Have you found that it seems like your industry (and just about every other) has more marketing than ever? It’s not just you. Nor is it the world opening up. The truth is that, as this article explains, “businesses are hiring marketing agencies…

Why PPC Automation Wrecks Some Advertising Campaigns

Paid search management can make the difference between a campaign that flourishes and a campaign that bottoms out early and wastes ad spend. Certainly, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an extremely useful tool and enables your business to attract new clients whenever they search for the services that you offer. But if your Pay Per Click (PPC)…

Benchmark Marketing: How to Monitor Progress in Digital Marketing

In this article, I’ll show you how to improve your strategy through benchmark marketing. Using benchmarks, I’ve been able to identify gaps in hundreds of client’s campaigns and strategies and use those gaps to build marketing plans that hit their growth goals. Let’s get started. We’ll Cover: Benchmark Marketing Definition  Different Kinds of Benchmarking Importance…

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