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  • OrangeMantra has done an incredible work for our retail website revamping and CMS integration. Exceptional service offering is...

    markjonnes01 | 5
  • I got my car service done at my door step in 1.5 hour without any hassle. I'm satisfied...

    naveen kumar | 1
  • Novus Immigration Delhi Very good consultancy where you can trust. The team helped me a lot during the...

    naveen kumar | 5
  • Quality work, completed on time. After just a few days, it's already delivering results for my client. I...

    Tanya Verma | 5


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Mobile First Web Design: Why You Need to Make It a Priority in 2021

If your business has an online or eCommerce aspect, you likely already know how vital Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are for your company. Additionally, you may be aware of some changes the search engine giant is planning for 2021. So, an important question is, are you ready for a mobile-first search that focuses on customers’ page experience?…

Setting Your Digital Marketing Budget: How Much Should You Spend?

There is an old saying that warns us, “You get what you pay for”. Whether that applies to a prime cut of meat, new furniture, or a holiday, the idea generally resonates with most people. While it is relatively easy to apply the principle to very concrete examples, getting what you pay for when it comes…

Live Chat vs Chatbot vs Conversational AI

What’s Best for Your Business? Advances in technology offer businesses unique opportunities that would sound like science fiction to anyone from just a generation ago. With changes coming at a break-neck pace, it is easy to feel uninformed or left out of the loop. Those in business must have a solid understanding of the technological options prior…

A World With No Third Party Cookies: How to Transition

With Google Chrome removing third-party cookies and the company introducing the Google Privacy Sandbox, I and everyone else will see a shift on both sides of the coin. As both an internet user and a digital marketer, I’m in an interesting position. I believe in and advocate for user privacy, but I also strive to…

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