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  • Miroslav Jandric is the best and finished the task very fast! He is very accommodating, knowledgable and professional!...

    Cindy Ughanze | 5
  • I truly appreciate Spenz Media knowledge and their willingness to coach us on SEO and content development. We...

    Danial Thomas | 5
  • As an entrepreneur, I was overwhelmed about integrating mobile payment solutions into my website since security during the...

    Samisha Negi | 5
  • As an entrepreneur, I was overwhelmed about integrating mobile payment solutions into my website since security during the...

    Samisha Negi | 5


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The Single Most Important Aspect to “Describe your Ideal Customer

If I had a dollar for every time a consultant said: “Describe your ideal customer to me”, I’d certainly be a rich man. Knowing your target audience, ‘they’ say, is one of the most important aspects to your marketing (don’t ask me who ‘they’ are, but they definitely pop up a lot). And then ‘they’…

The Impact of Responsive Web Design in SEO for Law Firms

Designing your website to be as responsive as possible is a great way to do that. That way, you’ll be able to connect to possible clients no matter what kind of device they’re on. Really, “responsive web design” is about your website “responding” to different kinds of devices. Responsive design makes sure that your website…

2021 Social Media Trends to Propel Your 2022 Strategy

In today’s social media-driven world, things change fast. To stay in the game, you need to keep up with current social media trends and evolving consumer expectations. If you’re ready to upgrade your current social strategy, Ignite Visibility’s  Social Media Manager Sarah Ali will break down the top 6 social media trends that you should…

15 Email Marketing Campaigns You Should Be Using for Your Ecommerce Business

If you are running an Ecommerce business and not leveraging the power of email marketing, you are leaving a substantial amount of money on the table. Email marketing continues to deliver a higher ROI than any other channel ($42 for every $1 you spend). It’s a great way to increase conversion rates, number of sales,…

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