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Turn “Win-Win” into “Win-Win-Win-Win” – Easy Marketing Tweaks for Success

“We worry that our marketing tries to incorporate too much. It’s our concern that our customers are going to be confused, not sure exactly what we’re offering.” That’s a valid concern, one that we hear often at our full-service rehab, plastic surgeon, and lawyer SEO company. Many businesses offer different kinds of products and services. They…

Does a Form of Marketing Ever Truly Die?

“Is Influencer Marketing Really Going to Die in the Next Few Years?”  “Is Traditional Marketing Dead?”    Seemingly every week or so, there’s another article about marketing, in one form or another, “is dead.” It makes sense why folks would think that. Practically every couple of months, there’s a new marketing platform. It stands to…

Construction Heavy Equipment Marketing & Advertising

How can you drive interest and revenue for a business in the heavy construction equipment segment? Businesses in this realm work in competitive, business-to-business focused segments where generating leads and closing sales requires overcoming much greater inertia. Construction equipment marketing and advertising strategies then have to be effective enough to reduce the time/budget cost of…

What is PR in SEO? 7 Tactics to Ignite Your Strategy

You already know the importance of SEO. But you may not know that a big part of a solid SEO strategy lies in digital PR. I’m Madison Hoffman, Ignite Visibility’s Digital PR Manager—and today I want to dive into digital PR for SEO. So what exactly is it, and how can you make the right digital moves? What I’ll…

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