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What to Keep in Mind When Marketing Through Text Messaging

Any time something new comes out, sometimes folks rush to say “it’s the new frontier.” Sometimes, it is: Facebook, TikTok, etc. Sometimes, it’s, well… you can probably think of several examples of something that’s been said to be “the new frontier” only to quickly fade out. I thought of that when I came across the quote below…

Facebook Insights: A Marketer’s Guide

Audience Insights from Facebook are the real deal. After all, more than 2.7 billion monthly active users means that Facebook has swooped up more than a third of the global population. Here’s how to use Facebook Audience Insights, plus tips on getting the most from your analytics. Facebook Insights: A Marketer’s Guide What is Facebook…

How Much Do Digital Marketing Agencies Charge?

30,000 new products launch every year; however, about 80% of these launches fail. While some go wrong due to lack of interest, others fall from lackluster marketing. If you’re preparing a product launch, you’ll want to know how to make it into the successful 20%. The answer: find a digital marketing agency to help you develop a successful strategy.…

Out of the Box Marketing the Right Way

“We want marketing that’s out of the box! We want something creative!” Here at Website Depot, clients say something similar to that often. “Out of the box,” creative marketing can be a real asset. Unique, eye-catching, and memorable, pushing limits to make something genuinely original can be great for your business. But, as with everything…

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