We are proud to inform you that we have upgraded! As we understand that coping with the up growing world is a necessity and hence we took this as a challenge for our partners to make their work easier!

Now you can directly login to your account with semfirms.com! every firm shall have a dashboard which can be seen once a login id and password is entered. Once you login, you have access to upgrade your profile, get sponsorship and list your firm on the top of desired service category pages.

This way, for brand promotion you would not need to contact us. We are always there to help but we at the same time have made the application automatic and user friendly! You can easily find options on dashboard where you can manage your profile details, update password, upload your Blogs, Jobs, Events, Videos, Photos and publish them on your profile page absolutely free for public view.

You may understand our Sponsored profile features and specifications. Opt for the best option suitable for your business and it can be based on visibility, review collection, marketing opportunities and after-sales service facility.

  • The sponsorship plans mentioned here shall have an intensified visibility on the directory pages.
  • The pricing shall rely on the number of pages you would consider for sponsorship.
  • If the page is sponsored by multiple companies, the sponsor level shall appear on the first page first come first serve basis. To understand deeper, suppose a category page has multiple high-level sponsors, we at semfirms.com determine the ordering system after studying them thoroughly.

The companies can at any level contact us to know details or visit the FAQ page where common queries have been solved.

What is Sponsorship?

To increase the visibility on the reviews page of the directory, sponsorship is like an opportunity. We publish the companies profile in our directory at free of cost but there are times when the companies need to increase visibility. This is where we research and if we find that the company is doing well, and wants more visibility on our directory pages, we offer several levels of sponsorship.

On the directory pages all sponsors are clearly marked with the sponsor flag. Sponsor will show top of the basic list and hence increase the visibility.

The basic profiles on the directory pages will show under the Sponsor and ranking orders are based on clients reviews. At SEM Firms, we sort the companies based on our research and methodology.

How to Become a Sponsor?

Agencies interested in our sponsorship program can login into their semfirms.com account associated with an active listing, the process is automatic there on the dashboard, select the Country, Categories Or Country, City and Categories you wish to be included in. After login there will be a separate dashboard for you where you can edit or upgrade your profile, post your Blogs, Jobs, Portfolio, Photos and Videos on your profile page absolutely free of charge for public review.

To apply for sponsorship you can email us at [email protected] and we will do the rest. Or to do it yourself please click at the button below.

Become A Sponsor