The following answers the questions that are frequently asked to our customer service representatives. If you have any other question, contact to us. We’re here to help you!

What we do at SEM Firms?

We know you are thinking what you get at SEM Firms. We here manage a detailed directory listing the top ranked SEO agencies ensuring that you can now give your business a new start with a good reputation. You can easily approach us and after we complete the analysis we would list your company in our directory that helps you to do a better business.

Is it possible to get a free quote?

We at SEM Firms come out with a proper listing ensuring that you get access to real time benefits enhancing business opportunities. You can easily get a free quote. Simply, fill out the form online and you can find quotes from top 5 SEO companies. Thus, it becomes easier to avail the services and we are here to assist you throughout the process.

What happens after I submit the form?

Once, you submit the form we are here to connect you with the selected agency ensuring that you get familiar with all beneficial solutions. We would help you to find the best services that give you the confidence to go ahead. So, you can now get rid of all the worries knowing we would give you the best solutions helping your business to achieve an estimable position online enhancing business opportunities.

How would I get connected to the ideal SEO Company?

We carry out an in-depth research while listing the SEO companies understanding how they are performing in real time. We ensure that all the vendors work according to our guidelines and can handle a big or medium size project. Thus, you get connected to a suitable SEO agency knowing that you are in safe hands. We connect you to the top vendor ensuring that they can handle your project efficiently as you need.

Would you help me to choose a feasible vendor?

We are here revealing the top ranking SEO companies but we never make any recommendations. It’s better for the users to do a detailed research finding the right company, which suits your specifications.

How do we work?

We first carry out a detailed analysis of the company’s performance and accordingly prepare a proper listing ensuring that your SEO Company gets a suitable position in our directory. We focus on different parts of SEO such as pay per click, link building etc. coming out with all desired results.

Do the companies listed here are the best?

Yes, we assure that we handle a perfect analysis and thus you would get familiar with all best services as you need. Our internal research process features all smarter facets and thus you can find an ideal company coming out with feasible SEO services.

What do you mean by evaluation criteria?

It features our research work revealing how we list the companies in our directory. Here, are mentioned the parts of SEO we consider featuring a complete listing of top SEO companies. We consider keyword selection, pay per click, link building etc. managing a clear research work.

How the rankings are decided if there are multiple agencies opting for the same subscription package?

If there are multiple agencies who have opted for the same level of subscription then their rankings will depend upon their review score. An agency having a higher review score will be listed above the agencies with lower review score.

How we help in carrying out better internet marketing?

We at SEM Firms help you in doing better internet marketing, as you can now find the top SEO Company delivering feasible SEO services helping in getting a good online presence. We ensure that the companies always meet your objectives and thus you can comprehend the real importance of internet marketing.

Will the ranking in the list change during the sponsorship tenure?

We do not commit the same rank throughout the sponsorship tenure. It is subject to change if any other sponsor with a higher level of sponsorship or higher review scores walks-in.

Is the subscription amount refundable?

The amount paid for subscription is non-refundable.

Is there any trial period?

We do not provide a trial period.

How would I contact SEM Firms?

You can connect with us through ‘Contact Us‘ page. Email is generally the preferred way of contacting semfirms.com

Or you can write to us here at this address. However, email is preferred.

1968 S. Coast Hwy #2349
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


There are currently no phone numbers that can be used for contacting the semfirms.com site because providing phone support would require too much time. Please use email instead!