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DIY Splashbacks - 100+ Page One Google Rankings

Belfast, United Kingdom

Company Name:

DIY Splashbacks


The work carried out included:

  • Researching the competition ranking on page one.

  • Analysing the link profile and identifying any poor quality links, removing the poor links where we could and blocking the remaining poor-quality links using a Google disavow via Google Search Console.

  • Key phrase web page allocation for the chosen target terms was approved by the client to ensure the user gained the best experience.

  • Title tags and headers updated on targeted web pages to ensure the site is well optimised for the top search terms on Google.

  • Working with the client on content optimisation for the targeted pages first.

  • Implementing an internal linking strategy - Allowing Google to identify which pages we give preference to.

  • Developed a blog to allow updates for the website, complementing the website development process.

  • Cleaned up site errors such as 404's whilst also amending internal redirects - all this was indentified with the audit we carried out.

  • We then carried out offsite seo - such as creating high quality content for articles to use on authority sites.