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Safe marketplace for electronic components Allows you to Buy from any supplier at affordable prices without risk. Get on the revolutionary trading system. Bid chip combines two trading systems and two services to cater to manufacturers\' and brokers\' exceptional online shopping experience. First system Auction: Leveraging many buyers to gain a fair market value for your offer by using a bidding process where buyers compete to increase prices. Second system Revers auction (quest): Leveraging many suppliers to gain a fair market value for your demand by using a bidding process where sellers compete to reduce prices. First service Escrow: Escrow refers to a financial arrangement where a third party holds and manages funds or assets on behalf of two parties involved in a transaction. The primary benefit of using an escrow service is providing security and mitigating risks for both the buyer and seller. Second Service AS 6081 lab test: AS 6081 is a standard for counterfeit parts detection and avoidance in the aerospace and defense industries. It provides guidelines and requirements for implementing a comprehensive program to mitigate the risk of counterfeit electronic parts. Bid chip combines all these two plus two to Improve your trading experience in four key areas: Streamline Trading. Save Time. Save Money. Increase Safety. Shop for semiconductors efficiently and risk-free. Be comfortable knowing that all parts are authenticated, and your money is guaranteed. Avoid endless searches with low results due to the vetting process that limits you from winning the next project and risky transactions that can go wrong. Imagine if you could trade parts with any buyer and seller. Visit today for all your components needs.


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