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CDG is a distinguished service provider, proudly holding accreditation as both an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory and an ISO 17020 accredited inspection agency. These credentials underscore our dedication to delivering exceptional services in alignment with international standards. Our Accredited Services Include: BIFMA Testing of Furniture: CDG's ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory specializes in a comprehensive range of tests for furniture, ensuring compliance with BIFMA standards. Our testing covers durability, safety, and performance aspects, providing manufacturers and stakeholders with valuable insights into the quality and reliability of furniture products. BIFMA Level Certification: As a recognized ISO 17020 accredited inspection agency, CDG offers BIFMA Level Certification services. This certification signifies a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in furniture manufacturing. We meticulously evaluate and certify products, contributing to the industry's green initiatives. ISO 17712 Testing of Container Seals: CDG's accredited testing facility conducts ISO 17712 testing for container seals, ensuring they meet international security standards. Our detailed assessments cover characteristics like tamper evidence and durability, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of the reliability and security of their container seals. ISO 17712 Certification of Container Seals: Our ISO 17020 accredited inspection agency provides certification services for container seals, confirming their compliance with ISO 17712 standards. This certification attests to the effectiveness of security measures, bolstering confidence in the integrity of container shipments. C-TPAT Supply Chain Security Inspection & Certification: CDG's expertise extends to C-TPAT Supply Chain Security Inspection and Certification. As an ISO 17020 accredited inspection agency, we evaluate and certify supply chain security measures in alignment with C-TPAT requirements. Our services help organizations enhance their security protocols, contributing to a safer and more resilient supply chain. Fire Safety Audit: CDG conducts thorough Fire Safety Audits to assess and enhance fire prevention measures, emergency response plans, and overall fire safety compliance within facilities. This includes evaluating fire detection systems, emergency exits, and employee training programs to ensure a comprehensive approach to fire safety. Electrical Safety Audit: Our Electrical Safety Audits focus on evaluating electrical systems, equipment, and procedures to ensure compliance with safety standards. This includes assessing wiring, equipment grounding, and protective devices to minimize electrical hazards and promote a secure working environment. Construction Safety Audit: CDG's Construction Safety Audits assess construction sites for compliance with safety regulations. This includes evaluating safety practices, hazard controls, and the implementation of safety protocols to create a secure working environment for all personnel involved in construction activities. Health & Safety Audit: We conduct comprehensive Health & Safety Audits to assess workplace practices and identify potential health hazards. This includes evaluating ergonomic factors, chemical exposure, and employee training to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and promote the well-being of employees. Environmental Audits: CDG's Environmental Audits evaluate an organization's impact on the environment. This includes assessing waste management practices, emissions, and resource consumption to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and promote sustainable business practices. Scaffolding Inspections: Our Scaffolding Inspections focus on verifying the safety and integrity of scaffolding structures. This includes evaluating the design, installation, and maintenance of scaffolding to ensure compliance with industry standards and minimize the risk of accidents during construction and maintenance activities. Thermography Services: CDG provides Thermography Services utilizing infrared technology to identify and address issues related to electrical systems, mechanical equipment, and building structures. This includes conducting thermal imaging inspections to detect anomalies such as electrical faults, insulation gaps, and energy inefficiencies, facilitating proactive maintenance and preventing potential failures. Pre-Shipment Inspection Services: Ensure the quality and compliance of your products with CDG's Pre-Shipment Inspection services. As an accredited inspection agency, we meticulously assess goods before shipment, verifying conformity to specified standards, and ensuring they meet your quality requirements. Our expert inspectors conduct thorough examinations, providing you with confidence in the integrity of your shipments and helping you maintain a seamless supply chain. Trust CDG for reliable and efficient Pre-Shipment Inspection services that safeguard your business interests. Ingress Protection Testing Services At CDG, we offer accredited Ingress Protection (IP) Testing services to ensure your products meet the highest standards of protection against dust and water ingress. Our state-of-the-art testing laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology, allows us to assess and certify the effectiveness of your products in challenging environmental conditions. With a focus on precision and compliance, our expert team conducts thorough IP testing, providing you with detailed insights into your product's resistance to foreign particles and moisture. Trust CDG for reliable Ingress Protection Testing that not only validates your product's durability but also enhances its market credibility. Why Partner with CDG: Accredited Excellence: CDG's ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 accreditations signify our commitment to delivering services of the highest quality, adhering to international standards. Industry Expertise: Our team comprises industry experts with in-depth knowledge, ensuring accurate and insightful assessments across all services. End-to-End Solutions: CDG offers a seamless experience, providing end-to-end solutions from testing and certification to inspection, streamlining processes for our clients. Commitment to Sustainability: Through BIFMA Level Certification and other initiatives, CDG demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in the industries we serve. Choose CDG for detailed, accurate, and accredited services that contribute to the quality, safety, and security of your products and processes.


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