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Digital Marketing Agency

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DMA is fully dedicated to learning about and understanding your business. By building a relationship with each of our clients, we can ensure our marketing strategy is built with the sole focus of solving the problems your business faces. Each of our marketing campaigns are built with the client's needs in mind to solve the greatest marketing problems.


111 East, Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, United States 60601

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Key Facts for Digital Marketing Agency

Founded: 2002
Revenue: Above $10 million
Firm Size: 80+
No of Clients: 500+
Client List:,, Kohler, Williams Sonoma,
Services: Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Reputation Management,
Key People:

William Clanton - SVP Of Sales

Solomon Thimothy - CEO

Reviews (10)

  • They really turned our business around.

    By Zheng Zhu | 2018-11-06 08:44:54

    We approached a few different companies, but DMA was able to quickly see just how much pain we were in with our sales process. They were quick to come up with a detailed proposal for how they would approach addressing the negativity online and enforcing our brand with positivity. They were brutally honest with us; it was an uphill battle given the circumstances, but they were willing to put the time and effort in to help us rescue our brand. It was either go with them, or watch our business fall apart. We originally gave them six months to turn our reputation around for us, but within the first three months we were seeing a significant reduction in negative search results and in the negativity we were first seeing with social media. Even one of our major competitors who had an entire page dedicated to bashing us couldn’t be found when searching the name of our brand online. Our sales picked back up and we started to even see better results than we had been previously seeing.

  • They did a great job for us.

    By Myra Hook | 2018-11-02 08:51:37

    Digital Marketing Agency was able to help us out with getting some high quality links to our company blog which has resulted in a lot more people becoming aware of our non-profit. We are eternally grateful for the help they have provided to us. They were enthusiastic about working with us and were easy to communicate with. They kept us in the loop on what they were working on. We’re looking forward to working with them over the next few years as we grow the brand and the scope of our work.

  • DMA helped us get reviews under control.

    By Negar Memari | 2018-11-02 08:50:20

    DMA helped take back control of our online reputation by helping us eliminate negative search results and getting more positive reviews by connecting with clients happy with our service and convincing them to leave a positive review. This has since made it a lot easier to convince other buyers to use us since we have a lot more positivity than we did just months ago. Not really anything I can say negatively about DMA.

  • Rescued our company in 90 days.

    By Jon Horton | 2018-11-02 08:48:07

    I’m still surprised that I can go on Google right now and struggle to find any negative coverage about our brand. DMA has done a great job building a positive narrative online and ensuring that when our potential customers are doing research they are seeing the very real value that we’ve provided to our customers for over ten years instead of the lies and slander that our hyper-jealous competitors have posted online. They were able to get the positive results within 90 days; I cannot really say anything bad about my experience with them.

  • Detail-Oriented Technical Experts

    By Brady Teter | 2018-11-02 08:46:48

    We’ve been operating an online directory for nearly 12 years and have been having issues with our website falling out of favor with Google. While we still had good results on Bing, most of our traffic at one point was coming from Google. We hired DMA to help us figure out what our issues were as we couldn’t figure it out. Their analysis identified a lot of duplicate content, pages that were getting us penalized, and a lot of loading issues for our mobile visitors. It took some time for them to run their analysis, but I could tell they looked at our website from every single angle. When they produced the report, we were shocked at just how much they found.

  • Found What Our Team Missed

    By Nathan Jones | 2018-11-02 08:45:11

    We’ve been struggling as a start-up trying to get organic traffic to our website. Through our networking and social media we had some success, but not getting any organic traffic was starting to hurt our bottom line. We enlisted the help of DMA to identify what was going wrong with our website, and boy were they able to figure that out. It turned out to be a lot of little small things that were working against us and a malicious website sending a lot of links our way. I don’t have much to see in regards to negatives given that they helped us out a lot. They pretty much saved our website and our business.

  • Our sales have increased drastically.

    By Elena P. | 2018-11-02 08:40:17

    Since hiring DMA for our SEO our sales department has never been busier. We are seeing a drastic increase in sales revenue and in interest in the products we offer in our online store. They put in the work and effort to ensure that each product page was updated and optimized for search engines and as a result, we’ve seen a significant increase in sales for most of our products. Growth has been difficult since we had a huge increase in leads while we’ve struggled to increase our sales division, but that’s more of an issue on our end.

  • We Reached our Dream Audience.

    By Reign Miller | 2018-11-02 07:05:26

    As an online store offering premier and custom goods we’ve always had a hard time reaching our most relevant audiences online. DMA was able to help us target the demographics that were most aligned to what we had to offer and have helped us reach them through Google and Bing. They are absolute professionals and really understand how it all works. The overall cost and amount of time it takes to find success online can be daunting, but it ultimately paid off in the end. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to; it took around six months for us to see a return on our investment, but it has paid off in spades. I want to issue a big thank you to Mr. Clarke for taking the time to discuss the opportunity with us and to help us truly understand the opportunity our online store had online. We’ve eclipsed the sales our retail stores have been doing and are looking to expand our partnership with DMA into the future.

  • Our sales have exploded on Amazon.

    By Justin Southworth | 2018-11-02 07:01:56

    They really seem to understand how to use Amazon to its full potential. Before we brought them on to handle our Amazon listings we would get the occasional sale from time to time, but we couldn’t even find our products unless we typed the exact product ID. Within a few weeks of having them on the case all of our products were quite visible and selling quite well. Hiring them really exposed how poor of a job we did with our initial set up of our Amazon listings. It’s kind of embarrassing really. Since we brought them on to manage our Amazon listings we’ve stopped doing some of our other advertising since we are getting a large portion of our sales on Amazon. We spend less in advertising to get more return from Amazon, and this whole process makes growth a lot easier for us.

  • They’ve created a lead avalanche!

    By CHRIS SHEEN | 2018-11-02 06:51:26

    Since bringing on DMA to help us bring in more leads we’ve been inundated with tons of highly relevant leads that ACTUALLY convert! We’ve had to bring on more sales staff and streamline our training process, but we are closing a lot more business and closing accounts at a higher rate. We’ve found that lead generation can be a tricky thing. It hasn’t all been roses and sunshine, but month after month we have seen better leads and better results. They are doing a good job at hearing our concerns while helping us to produce leads that are better for what we offer. Do not make the same mistake we did. We were warned that the increase in lead volume can be difficult to handle. When you sign up with DMA, make sure you’re ready to expand your team and that you have the proper stuff set up to be able to manage all of it! We were lucky to get some help from DMA on this as well.