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Established in 2013, Eye Mantra has been rated as one of the most suitable eye hospitals in Delhi and Delhi-NCR, composing of a skilled team of doctors, whose names are Dr.Shweta Jain, Dr.Rajiv Mohan, and Dr.Sanjiv Mohan. The mission of EyeMantra is to provide everyone, with affordable eye treatment using exclusive diagnostics and surgical techniques. And to aid the people living below the poverty line, EyeMantra has started this charitable hospital, so that they have no complications in seeking medical care for eye ailments and with early intervention, we aim at providing a perfect vision to all the people, who cannot afford the treatment. Eye Mantra has been providing eye treatment to patients for more than eleven years now. Eye Mantra’s doctors add the personal touch, by offering comprehensive psychological counseling to the patients undergoing surgeries. The management and staff at Eyemantra hospitals give their best efforts, to ensure that exceptional services are provided to their patients for their quick recovery. Eye Mantra has achieved the great feat of, providing successful treatment to more than fifty lakh patients, who have given a positive response to the surgical procedures and the holistic approach that we follow.


Contact Name: Himanshu Jain

Phone Number: 09310578771

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Paschim vihar, , Delhi, India 110063

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