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Go Get Lost is a unique worldwide tour company dedicated to offering experiential journeys for travelers eager to venture off the beaten path. They feature small group tours in destinations across Europe including Italy, Greece, France and Ireland as well as parts of South America like the majestic Patagonia region of Argentina. Founded on the principle that the best way to explore a destination is by immersing oneself in its culture, landscape, and history, Go Get Lost encourages travelers to step out of their comfort zones and engage with the local communities. Their travel philosophy is centered around the idea of \"getting lost\" - allowing travelers the freedom to explore and create their own memories, rather than sticking to a rigid itinerary. With a focus on small group sizes, they ensure a personalized and intimate travel experience. Their tours range from walking adventures and hiking tours across Europe to sailing escapades and wine tours in Greece, all led by expert local guides. The company is a family business owned by Jeff Fafoglia, Steve Fafoglia, and Jason Allen, who have been leading travel groups since 1995. They pride themselves on offering exceptional value, with tours that are often more affordable than their competitors, without compromising on quality or experience. With a high rate of repeat customers, Go Get Lost has established itself as a trusted name in the travel industry, known for its commitment to authentic and transformative travel experiences.


Contact Name: Jason Allen, Jeff Fafoglia and Steve Fafoglia

Phone Number: (888) 522-5678

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2221 Stevenson Drive, , IL, United States 62703

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Services: Travel and Tourism
Founded: 1995
Firm Size: 10
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