Nearly two decades ago we recognized that industry associations relied on offline communications in an increasingly online world. We also saw that businesses who sell to other businesses [B2B] were limited to just a few traditional tactics for reaching their niche groups of buyers. So we made it MultiView’s mission to create the digital connections both need to compete and grow in their industries — and by doing so help them make a better life for others through better business. And that’s B2B connected.
Primary Address
50 Minthorn Blvd. Suite 800 , Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L3T 7X8
Key Facts
Founded: 2000
Revenue: $10000-$20000
Firm Size: 999
No of Clients: 867
Client List: Our behavioral targeting campaign with MultiView allowed us to reach people that we weren’t able to when we were using a different format.
Services: SEO, Digital Marketing
Key People: Dan Maitland, Board Member
Omar Choucair, Chief Financial Officer
Sponsor in May 2020 - MultiView
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