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Typically a person only needs notarial services during the most stressful moments of their lives. Home closings. Purchases or sales of automobiles. Legal matters. And who ever really needs a notary...until they NEED one? I have been using public notaries for 30+ years. And it always felt weird sharing the most personal of matters in my life with a random person that happened to be manning the counter that day at a big-box retailer. I won’t judge you or your situation. No request for a Nebraska Notary is too big or too small! Need a single document notarized? DONE. Are you a title and escrow company law firm, real estate or bank looking for a public notary you can count on? I’m your man, I SWEAR


Contact Name: Paul Eide

Phone Number: (402) 431-2216

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1243 Golden Gate Drive, Suite 3, , NE, United States 68046

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Services: Legal Services
Founded: 2022
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