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Scoring media coverage isn't about connections or who you had lunch with last Thursday. In a media landscape where the least number of journalists are generating the most content in history, it all comes down to the idea and tactically creating legitimately newsworthy pitches that the media can roll with. We’re not a cookie cutter agency; not an assembly line. We are Pointman News Creation and we are all about getting you the media coverage you deserve.
Primary Address
Pointman News Creation , Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key Facts
Founded: 2001
Revenue: $10000-$20000
Firm Size: 10
No of Clients: 9
Client List: Pointman is best known as the bold agency behind some of North America’s most successful media-dominating PR strategies, including the internationally known "Dump Trump Tie" campaign (that sold 25k of ties in 3 days), creating’s infamous Toronto gas for 10 cents a litre giveaway and’s annual ‘Real Cost of Love’ survey that calculates the cash required to properly court a significant other (by the way its $43,800.08)
Services: Reputation Management, Public Relations, Press Release Distribution
Key People: Thompson, CEO

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