Repose RX is a distinguished line of CBD products curated by Dr. Jessica Jameson, a board-certified Interventional Pain Physician and proud United States Air Force Veteran. With over a decade of experience in alleviating pain for patients across the country, Dr. Jameson\\\'s commitment to holistic well-being has culminated in the creation of Repose RX—a brand synonymous with trust, transparency, and transformative relief. Born out of a fervent desire to provide patients with a holistic alternative to conventional treatments, Repose RX is more than just a product line; it is a testament to Dr. Jameson\\\'s unwavering dedication to improving lives. Through extensive research and a robust in-house research department, Dr. Jameson identified the tangible benefits of compounds like CBD (cannabidiol). Recognizing the confusion surrounding CBD and natural supplements, she decided to launch Repose RX to offer a solution that prioritizes safety, efficacy, and education. Repose RX products are not just CBD; they represent a commitment to excellence. Rigorously third-party verified, each product guarantees transparency and quality. As a United States Air Force Veteran, Dr. Jameson insists on manufacturing all Repose RX products in the USA, aligning with her principles of integrity and patriotism. More than a physician, Dr. Jessica Jameson is a passionate advocate for public education on the benefits of CBD and natural supplements. With Repose RX, she invites you to embark on a journey toward a life with less pain and more possibilities, underlining the brand\\\'s mission to be a trusted companion in your pursuit of holistic well-being.


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