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Full Address: 3E, Building 3, Tingwei Industrial Park, No. 6, Liufang Road, Xingdong Community, Xin\'an Street, Bao\'an District Tingwei Industrial Park, Shenzhen, 518000 Guangdong, Chinauilding 3, Tingwei Industrial Park, No. 6, Liufang Road, Xingdong 518101 Description: Lepulse is a high-tech company established in 2013 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Viatom. Viatom is a company that innovates and manufactures home/wearable medical devices, as well as develops telehealth and mobile medical solutions. Lepulse is dedicated to creating products for refined individuals, offering a wide range of impressive products designed for ultimate enjoyment and satisfaction. Currently, our main product line is smart body fat scales. These scales range from four-electrode scales to eight-electrode scales, providing customers with many choices. All the scales are equipped with advanced BIA and ITO-coating technology, allowing for complete and accurate body measurements. In addition, they come with a free app connection and high-quality design. At Lepulse, we are committed to providing innovative and high-quality products to our customers. Our focus on technology and design has allowed us to become a leading provider of smart body fat scales.


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