Universal Investigations Agency, Inc


Universal Investigations Agency, Inc


The principal investigators of Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. have over 25+ years of law enforcement and Military Intelligence gathering experience in the US and abroad. In addition to our full-time personnel, we are also part of a worldwide network of professional private investigators that allows us to leverage the talents of veteran private investigators with various backgrounds and specialties. This allows us to offer a wide variety of investigative services without sacrificing on quality. We also maintain access to a number of confidential records and databases, as well as satellite tracking programs to bolster our information-gathering capabilities. In order to remain sensitive to the specific needs of our clients, we work with both male and female private investigators, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement or intelligence gathering protocols. Whether you are an individual who has never used the services of a private investigator or someone of the legal, insurance, or business community, we can help you by providing actionable intelligence with a custom and professional touch that ensures your needs are being served. Timing - Monday to Friday 9 am–6 pm


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Universal Investigations Agency, Inc

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(954) 305-6275

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141 NE 3rd Ave Suite #205, Miami, FL, United States 33132

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