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Sem Firms offer different levels of sponsorship that help you to expand your business with good opportunities.


Basics of Sponsorship


Sponsorship is the way to improve visibility on reviews page that give you chances to get more viewers.


Opening a review page the sponsored companies get the top positions and thus getting a sponsorship becomes an important part.


Users may filter the search options that enable you to get in the top list finding good chances to enhance the business opportunities.


Status of Leaders Matrix Rankings


You may be thinking that sponsorship may affect your leaders matrix rankings. But the truth is there is no such thing happening.


Leaders matrix is done according to a specific methodology and the sponsorship level has no importance there.


The process includes a detailed evaluation of previous works, market presence and clients; reviews.


Knowing the Pricing


Once, you decide to opt for our sponsorship you need to know our pricing where you can pay a monthly fee to continue the sponsorship.


The pricing depends on the number of pages you want to sponsor, company size and tier or sponsorship applicable for each page. Now, you have to choose a suitable sponsorship tier that enables you to get familiar with all positive aspects.


We come out several options starting from Basic to Premium packages and thus you can find it easy to get the one you can afford.


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