Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We here state our Terms & Conditions featuring our commitment to users.


User agreement

We at semfirms.com come out with an objective to connect buyers and users ensuring that you can find the top SEO companies here. We suggest that before you use our services go through our terms and conditions knowing that you are at the right place from where you can get all best options.

You must visit this page knowing the updated version of terms and conditions that gives you the confidence to use our services. We have the full right to deny the services we offer to any user if we find you are violating the laws as mentioned in our terms and conditions.

Your use of this website is governed by the following terms of use in addition to the “Terms & Conditions” listed at the following URL:



Knowing the Eligibility

You must 18 years and above that makes you eligible to use our site or to post reviews.


Agreeing with Certain Terms & Conditions

Here we mention certain terms & conditions agreeing which you can easily access our site availing our services:

  • You must follow our privacy laws and other limitations in order to browse our SEO directory exploring the best options.
  • It’s necessary to provide accurate information that would help us to offer you uninterrupted services.
  • You need to stay updated with latest notices ensuring that are able to use genuine services as you need.


Your relationship with users, advertisers, publishers and merchants

Thus, you can now start creating your account at semfirms.com and we give you the full access. Now, while creating your account you are responsible to provide all correct information ensuring that you get a genuine account with all the features functioning perfectly. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your private data and you are the one to take care of your user name and password keeping your account safe at semfirms.com. And if you find any unauthorized access to your account you must inform us immediately and we would thus take the necessary step.


User obligations

The user should not do the below mentioned points while using semfirms.com Site:

  1. Transmit or Post any Content which is harmful, untrue, fraudulent, defamatory, threatening, pornographic, abusive, harassing, tortuous, libelous, unlawful;
  2. Post slogans, seals, or logos from 3rd parties;
  3. The things which can create a disproportionately load on the Site;
  4. semfirms.com send an email of any complaint, dispute, or violation and the user fail to respond to that mail;
  5. Link to the Site except as allowable in writing by semfirms.com;
  6. Publish wrong or misleading information about service;
  7. Publish the Content which violates the intellectual property rights of third party;
  8. semfirms.com has full right to avoid or terminate any User without any reason;
  9. Misrepresent the user’s affiliate with any third entity;


semfirms.com is able to cancel the user’s membership if the company found that the user have acted or violated inconsistently with this User agreement.


Public communications

  • All user contents you submit to us would be accessible and you would be completely responsible for those texts.
  • You have to face difficulties if you use fake contents that may mislead us.
  • Make sure your content won’t violate any third-party rights and does not show any materials that’s against our terms.
  • We have the right to raise a dispute if we find any unlawful activities from your end.



semfirms.com is liable to charge a fee for evaluation for SEO companies to substantiate the research which is utilized to analyze and rank company website. The basic subscriptions for directory inclusion is free for 12 months and the fee for rankings inclusion will be charged on monthly basis according to the standard fee for evaluation. The billing cycle will be started from the date when the User makes Payment to semfirms.com and once the user become a service provider on this website. Upon cancellation, there is no refund or credits will be provided to the user.

In case, the user wants to cancel the subscription, then it will be end of the user’s current billing cycle. At a later date, if the user wants to subscribe again with semfirms.com, then the additional charges will be applicable.

semfirms.com does not give any guarantee in the following areas:

  • Top rankings
  • Sales
  • Any number of potential visitors
  • Any increased sales
  • Any number of prospects
  • Any specific number of leads conversion


License to User Content         

When you are submitting the contents you are providing the grant to us ensuring that we can use the information in any way. We would be able to edit, delete or modify the data as we need for a flawless execution of our services. So, you give us the license for all the texts you submit. And you need to know that while availing our services you may be exposed to those contents, which you may find disturbing.



The user will be responsible to use any link on the Site at own risk. We do not mean that we endorse the linked site.


Real & unique information

The user should be agreed to give only complete, real, and accurate information as given by the registration form. They should update and maintain the information while doing registration on this site in order to maintain its completeness, accuracy, and reliability. semfirms.com has all rights to deactivate Your account when your information is not real, accurate and complete.



The user is using the Site and its payment service at his own risk. The products and service which are offered on the Site are provided “as is” without any type of guarantee or warranty.

You agree that semfirms.com is not responsible for the content of your website and any and all communications you have with individuals or other parties which reach your website through the semfirms.com rankings. You also agree that semfirms.com is not responsible for any damages that occur as a result of entering into a contract or agreeing to provide service or software for any and all users that find your company through your listing on semfirms.com in connection with the semfirms.com rankings platform.

We cannot be held responsible for the content of your website nor how you communicate with potential customers or customers whom you create a relationship with through the use of this website.

We reserve the right to suspend or remove your listing from semfirms.com for any reason at any time.


Intellectual property

semfirms.com is liable to deactivate the User’s accounts that violate third party’s intellectual property rights.



If we find any violation of laws we can start an investigation to know the real cause of such situation. So, if you use our site following our terms and conditions, you can find the real time benefits helping you to explore the suitable facets fulfilling all your specifications.