Top IT Services & Consulting Firms in Italy

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  • Simposio

    Rome - Italy

    Simposio was born as a Marketing Agency and immediately qualifies as an ideal partner for small businesses . The deep commercial vocation that characterizes the Agency has led to the creation of a clear and tested model on which collaboration...


    viale Santa Panagia 136 - Italy è il nuovo sito con strumenti e guide sul tema “trasformazione digitale”. permette a lavoratori autonomi, liberi professionisti e piccole e medie imprese di trovare soluzioni adeguate e innovative per le sfide della trasformazione digitale.

  • Workablecom uses the integration of information systems and the most innovative technologies (Cloud Computing, Business Mobile, Virtualization, VoIP, Unified Communication, Business Intelligence) to guarantee efficiency, control, process optimization and cost savings. We specialize in CRM, Software House, Web Applications, Cloud...

  • ITuna

    milan - Italy

    System integrator, leading innovator for Finance, Pharma and Healtcare solutions. We're involved in providing business-aware products for the above-mentionend fields, we offer also a web agency department for all your need of web integration and communications.

  • InformAmuse

    palermo - Italy

    InformAmuse is a company specialized in ICT services. We develop latest generation multimodal technologies, web apps, mobile apps, touch interfaces, augmented reality and Fintech solutions to empower your business.

  • Alkimedia is a graphic and web design studio. We take care of creating websites, graphics, printing and production of corporate videos. We design websites that are easy to consult, with a well-designed design, paying maximum attention to the positioning on...

  • In 16 years, Comunico Group is always looking for new stories to tell and new ways to do it. Our agency is organized in five specialized teams: brand identity, digital marketing, web, events, strategy. A staff of 22 people, all...

  • Beaver Lab

    Milan, - Italy

    Beaver Lab was founded in 2009 in Milan from the union of the experience of professionals in the field of communication and the development of new technologies. He deals with web design and design of corporate identity and brand identity.

  • Altea 365

    Milan - Italy

    The 25-year-old Altea Federation collaborates with a leader in the development of a technology that will be able to provide a business-to-business experience, and will continue to be a professional partner in the industry, The mondi divers complement the intrección...

  • Kettydo+

    Milan - Italy

    Kettydo + is a digital agency focused on three strategic assets: Experience (designing integrated services), Creativity (share ideas, content that are meaningful), Technology (manage the experience). An integrated offer to be competitive in the era of the Engagement Economy: a...

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