Top Product Design Firms in Switzerland

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  • Mozaik

    Lausanne - Switzerland

    Mozaik is a leading marketing strategy agency, with extensive experience in providing marketing strategies that are creative, innovative, sophisticated and results oriented. Our in depth understanding of local markets and our team’s unique combination of marketing expertise, leading edge technical...

  • Sapetti

    Cham - Switzerland

    We are a lean industrial design studio who helps established companies as well as start-ups with designing and developing visions into physical products. Thanks to our experience with various segments we bring cross-industry expertise to each project alongside a wider...

  • Nearshoring Experience I have been working with remote software development since 2001. My work led me collaborating hands-on with companies, teams, and individuals in Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. Many years ago, as Product Manager and...

  • Linum Labs

    Basel - Switzerland

    Linum Labs AG is a global software development studio with a core focus on blockchain applications, system design and token engineering. Our core expertise is in fintech, healthcare & identity systems. A growing team of +10 developers, product managers &...

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