Top Product Design Firms in Switzerland - 2021 Reviews

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  • Linum Labs

    Basel - Switzerland

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    Linum Labs AG is a global software development studio with a core focus on blockchain applications, system design and token engineering. Our core expertise is in fintech, healthcare & identity

  • Dal Molin Consulting GmbH

    Cham - Switzerland

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    Nearshoring Experience

    I have been working with remote software development since 2001. My work led me collaborating hands-on with companies, teams, and individuals in Ukraine, Belarus, Bulg

  • Sapetti

    Cham - Switzerland

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    We are a lean industrial design studio who helps established companies as well as start-ups with designing and developing visions into physical products.

    Thanks to our experience with variou

  • Mozaik

    Lausanne - Switzerland

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    Mozaik is a leading marketing strategy agency, with extensive experience in providing marketing strategies that are creative, innovative, sophisticated and results oriented. Our in depth understan

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  • Product design Firms

    Product design is the connection of materials and technologies. Product design is an art of designing the ideas into real products. It combines science and design to create products and concepts that would improve our daily life. Product designing meets the emerging needs of the clients. Product designing is important as it creates the impression of the brand which has to be very attractive. So it is the job of the product designers to understand the idea of the client and make the product according to it. We have done an intensive study and after spending a lot of time in researching and following the companies of product design on websites and social media platforms we have come across certain companies which are the best across the world in designing the product.

    There are certain customer specific requirements when talking about the product or service that designer designs like the fit requirements, form, function, durability ( how long can we use the product or the service) and reliability (what are the extra when it is going to put on the product it has to sustain). So if the company fulfills all these requirements the customer will get attracted to the product and will buy. And the companies that we have listed have the best employees who are highly skilled and will provide the best services to you for which you will not regret. So contact them and transfer your burden on them.