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Top Public Relations Firms in Japan

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  • Parthenon Japan

    Minato-ku - Japan

    Parthenon Japan is a strategic communication firm based in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in creating inspiring campaigns for global companies. Focusing on providing strategic communication, government relations, and PR consulting services, we are an ac

  • ShapeWin Co., Ltd

    Shibuya-ku, Tokyo - Japan

    ShapeWin Japan is a creative communication PR firm/agency designed for startup companies. Our priorities are making PR stories/strategies to extend the client\'s business revenue in Japan. We get involved with the media to build meaningful stories. B

  • KARTZ Media Works commit to continue to discover new value from our customers’ story, polish them, spread them around the world, and create rich information experiences. We are specialized in multimedia PR, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

  • Eggworm

    Tokyo - Japan

    Our company is the result of a revolution in traditional advertising. Since 2010, our collective of creative professionals revitalize, embolden, and humanize brands. We connect customers to your brand by creating compelling experiences. We specialize

  • PPC

    Tokyo - Japan

    PR has more than ever to offer because it practices the who, what, and how of communicating strategically. Since its establishment in 2009, the ppc team has devoted its energies to cultivating solid relationships with clients, partners, and the media

  • Studio Alta

    Tokyo - Japan

    The word \"alternative\" (which can not be captured by existing ones), which is the etymology of Alta, is the DNA that we inherit. \"Produce ability\" cultivated through the production of television programs and commercials, \"crystal transmissio

  • Asahi Agency

    Tokyo - Japan

    Asahi Agency has worked with a long list of satisfied clients, helping them to enter the Japanese market, grow their business and achieve success in a broad spectrum of fields, from golf clubs to sports cars, office seating to wild blueberries. O

  • B-comi

    Tokyo - Japan

    B-comi, Ltd. is a results-driven marketing and PR agency in Tokyo, Japan. Since the foundation in 2006, we have successfully provided marketing and PR support services to both domestic and multinational companies of all sizes, ranging from startu

  • J-Spin

    Tokyo - Japan

    J-Spin co-founders Shimizu Yoshitaka—a Japanese native who studied and worked in the United States—and David Huerta—an American who has lived in Japan for 17 years—came together in 2003 to form J-Spin, a Japanese public relations firm wit

  • Tokyo Happendix is ​​a company that creates business value and encourages society happily by communicating through manufacturing. The company name Happendix is a coined word that combines Happen (occurrence / occurrence) and Appendix (appendix /

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  • Public Relations Firms in Japan

    Top Public Relations Firms in Japan