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Posted on: January 15, 2021 | Written by: Danica Felix

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It goes without saying that “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can\'t practice any other virtue consistently.”

When we first established and created BRIGHTSAND designs, just like with every other business, it is all conceived from a dream, and with that dream comes faith. Faith that it works out.

My partner and I took the big leap just some months ago before the pandemic happened. There were a lot of setbacks and doubts that begun to creep in as the pandemic deliberately put the world to a halt. Regardless, our strategy remained the same. We did our due diligence because we believe that there is no better time than now for businesses to recognize the importance of utilizing our service – Digital Marketing.

<a href=\"…\"><img class=\"wp-image-6792 alignleft\" src=\"…\" alt=\"\" width=\"298\" height=\"230\" /></a>Before all these things happened, the Internet was left out a lot. It has been utilized and consumed as a means for entertainment, social media, Youtube videos, TikTok trends, personal video calls, emails, etc. But with the current global shift we are going through, businesses with online platforms shined the most. With this, a lot of possibilities have opened other business owners from various industries that they too can thrive online, they also have a platform to grow, and that they can expand without having to set up another physical shop. It is just unfortunate that it took a health crisis to wake us all up to realize this fact.

I most especially felt that as the days went on, I have received calls from one person after another asking for my advice on how I can help them with their business. You see, when we started, we started with just two clients. The next thing we knew, before the month even closed, we had already won 6 more clients and are still growing to this day.

I am not saying this to boast about our success, as we genuinely feel for businesses struggling today too, but I think it is as important to give other companies hope during this time. Nothing is truly impossible when you have the courage and the drive to make a difference. If a small Digital Marketing agency such as ours were able to make it through despite our current situation, then you too definitely can.

<a href=\"…\"><img class=\"wp-image-6802 alignright\" src=\"…\" alt=\"\" width=\"168\" height=\"255\" /></a>It also seems serendipitous that we started at precisely the right time. My partner and I’s experience has taught us both a lot. From meeting clients from various industries, hearing their stories, and eventually, helping them find solutions for their businesses in return has contributed to our growth as well. Suppose we have been any laxer about our decision to move forward with our company. In that case, we think that for every second we would have wasted procrastinating, the loss time would not only be detrimental for our growth but also be a missed opportunity not only for us but also for our clients too. With the help of our expertise, we were able to elevate our client’s business by slowly getting their voice back and helping them adapt to the ever-changing demands of performing digitally and with the ‘new normal.’

Today officially marks the day I am most proud. With the help of my small yet hardworking and dedicated team, we have reached our first milestone! When we first began, my partner and I (and Jack), all wide-eyed and hopeful, set a goal to reach at least a 6-figure mark sometime in the future. Little did we know, we were able to reach our milestone in less than a month. Ever since then, we acquired not only new clients but also additions to our team that makes BRIGHTSAND designs what it is today. Moreover, it has evolved more than what we have initially imagined for it to be.

<a href=\"…\"><img class=\"wp-image-6804 alignleft\" src=\"…\" alt=\"\" width=\"238\" height=\"269\" /></a>So, what is next for BRIGHTSAND designs, you ask? Now that we have ticked off this milestone, I only hope for our business to grow and expand so that we could provide more jobs for other professionals in the same field. I realize that when the world encounters another halt, services like ours do make a difference. We now make it our mission to keep on going and help other businesses adapt the same way. As our business expands, a new position will become available too.

I was deeply moved by one of our applicants when she mentioned that being able to get the opportunity of just applying with us has given her hope that it is not over for everyone else. Looking back to her email now, I did not realize the impact we’re putting in our community despite living through a crisis.

I guess that’s it. When uncertainties arise and close a lot of doors for many, we hope that BRIGHTSAND designs will be one of those that will continuously open windows – may it be for new team members or other businesses.

Cheers to courage! Two cheers for BRIGHTSAND designs! The future is BRIGHT.

Read our blog post on our website!

About the author:

<p>Danica is the Chief Marketing Officer of Brightsand Designs. Her background in Advertising and Marketing has made her known for her strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression.</p>

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