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  • HybridTechLabs

    Szczecin - Poland

    Experienced Software Developers for hire on fresh enterprise => We are currently six-member Software Engineering Team - ready to take a dedicated software development of the Web Applications and mobile Apps that you need.


    Cracow - Poland

    We provide IT&HR Services We can help you by providing working time of our software engineers, we can take care of all project-related processes, or we can find the right talented people for your team. Or something in between.  ...

  • We do software development managed services based on our agile model of IT outsourcing We are a Software Delivery Center from Cracow, Poland. We provide complete development teams, individual engineers, and the outsourcing of whole projects in an agile model...

  • I am programmer who creating web application using (TypeScript): React, Node, GraphQL. I graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. In my life, I have already completed over a dozen web application...

  • SixStack

    Swarzedz - Poland

    Presently, we form a small team of people who have worked together for years. We have built our experience on many diverse projects. Our goal is creating a medium-sized company that offers IT support to other businesses. We strongly believe...

  • Grown Agency

    Koscierzyna - Poland

    We design websites and build advanced web apps that help you reach your business goals and make more money.

  • 180 Creative

    Katowice - Poland

    Are you looking for the company which specializes in coding, sketching, and developing highly interactive web and mobile apps? 180Creative is the answer to your call. The company, with its agile approach, holds a vast experience in building top-notch apps...

  • We focus on developing software with Amazon Web Services. We develop web and mobile apps, backend systems and automated serverless infrastructures on AWS.

  • Expansio

    Poznań - Poland

    We are a Polish software house with the "turquoise company" management model. We have a vast background in the area of web applications and mobile software. We specialize in creating software and hardware startups. We developed B2C and B2B startup...

  • Wayfinding

    Poznan - Poland

    We drive progress through pragmatic employment of technology and design. Helping ambitious companies excel and lead ever-evolving markets. We're available for new projects, hire us! • • • Wayfinding is a flexible strategy firm, founded by inspired technologists, dedicated to...

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