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The real reason customers aren’t lining up to buy from you

Have you ever wondered why some businesses have customers lining up to buy from them while others struggle? What makes a customer tattoo a brand on their skin or camp out all night in freezing temperatures to be first in line to get the newest product? It’s certainly something that has fascinated us over the…

The bad news about LastPass data breach keep getting worse

If you haven't heard the news about Lastpass there is a reason, and it's time to switch password managers. A product we have recommended to our clients for over ten years has experienced a major slip up recently, and compounded their security missteps with a ham handed attempt to cover up what they had done…

The Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT for Law Firm Websites

It’s almost impossible these days to consume news, especially tech news, in the legal profession and not come across ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence bot is making news seemingly daily. It passed a bar exam, although further reporting had to qualify that claim. It powered the “world’s first robot lawyer“, although that lawyer’s first court case had to be…

Overlooking the Little Guy: Why You Can’t Forget Short-Form Content

As SEO trends continue to evolve, the importance of long-form content is becoming increasingly evident. By providing value through detailed and in-depth information, brands can create a positive user experience that leads to higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). But while long-form content certainly has its place in an effective SEO strategy, short-form…

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