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  • He is trustworthy, capable, and honest. He doesn't cut corners and always goes the extra mile to make...

    Adem James | 5
  • His communication skills are excellent, and he spends a lot of time talking to you as a person...

    Jon | 5
  • FAVIT is an app developed and designed by TechGropse to bring people looking for awesome things to do...

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How Will Google’s New “Helpful Content Update” Affect Your Law Firm Website?

SEO for lawyers is complex; the requirements for success are always changing. Every few years, Google introduces a potentially game-changing update that has the potential to reshape the way we think about SEO. Google launched its “Helpful Content” update in late August to refine search results for all of its users. It’s too early to…

How to Pivot Your Content Strategy Like a Pro

This month, Google turned the search engine optimization (SEO) world on its head when it rolled out the Helpful Content Update. Many sites will soon find that their current content strategy doesn’t cut the mustard and will have to change to survive. If you discover that your site has dramatically dropped in rankings seemingly overnight,…

Should Your Industry Prioritize Content?

Content has been “king” in search engine optimization (SEO) for years. Yet some new business owners may be wary of investing time into content marketing because the barrier to entry seems so high. We completely understand how daunting content creation can be at Dallas SEO Dogs. Suppose you’re a business owner on the fence about…

Dominate the Downturn: Keep Revenue Flowing With Digital Marketing

Since the dawn of the digital age, businesses and organizations have been skeptical about the Internet. In 1998, American economist Paul Krugman said Internet growth would “slow dramatically,” and compared it to the fax machine. It’s safe to say Krugman’s prediction didn’t age well. The Internet prevailed, and despite any trepidations, brands have consistently and…

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