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  • The CRM software development team at Smart Sight Innovations is highly qualified. They have developed the most easy...

    Shifa Gaikwad | 5
  • Fluper offers best app development services with utter professionalism and perfection.

    Adam Willy | 5
    for: Fluper
  • While searching for cost-effective app development services, our research team happened to raise a query with Webmobril Technologies....

    Jonas Schmidt | 5
  • Fluper offers best app development services with utter professionalism and perfection.

    Angej Quan | 5
    for: Fluper


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15 Email Marketing Campaigns You Should Be Using for Your Ecommerce Business

If you are running an Ecommerce business and not leveraging the power of email marketing, you are leaving a substantial amount of money on the table. Email marketing continues to deliver a higher ROI than any other channel ($42 for every $1 you spend). It’s a great way to increase conversion rates, number of sales,…

How To Digitize Your Business – SME Success in The New Normal!

News Flash: COVID-19 royally effed things up. It’s also had a bunch of unexpected consequences that leapfrogged the normal order of things. Like grandmothers setting up Zoom video chats. Big budget movies premiering on your TV. Knitting being cool. And a racoon approving you for a mortgage. What’s another unexpected consequence of COVID-19? The acceleration…

The Importance of Responsive Web Design in 2021/2022

Responsive web design has been critically important since 2016, if not before that. If the web design of your site isn’t responsive, then it puts you at a disadvantage, regardless of what industry you’re in. Those disadvantages include missing out on users who find your site on mobile devices, as well as ranking as highly…

Ecommerce Email Marketing: How to Double Your Sales in Half the Time

If you didn’t already know that ecommerce email marketing is an art, we’re here to prove it. The average email open rate is about 20%. If you want your content to count, everything from the subject line to the HTML coding is a critical piece of the puzzle. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean…

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