Top Mobile App Development Firms in Canada

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  • datarockets

    Toronto - Canada

    datarockets is a custom software development company consisting of 25 in-house developers working remotely from Canada and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2014, datarockets have developed 30+ high-quality and scalable custom applications and software for startups and medium-sized businesses. Besides development,...

  • Let's get optimized prides itself as being a high-performance Canadian based digital agency specializing in SEO, Web Design, Digital ads with locations in Toronto, Oshawa, Montreal & Halifax We truly love what we do and it shows! Our focus is...

  • ShopifyNinja

    Toronto - Canada

    Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Shopifyninja is an all-in-one eCommerce and web development agency. We specialize in services such as custom WordPress development, mobile app development, SEO services and website development. We deliver excellence with our expert services and a team...

  • ITSolution24x7

    Toronto - Canada

    ITSolution24x7 is a fast-growing service providing company with years of experience in the fintech industry. With a knack for building high-end software products and solutions, the team at ITSolution24x7 work tirelessly hard to deliver better results. By following agile development...

  • OptiWeb Marketing successfully works alongside businesses as a strategic partner in the advising and implementation of a company’s online marketing objectives. OptiWeb Marketing specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Design, Web Development, Paid Search Advertising and all other forms...

  • AppBrew

    Quebec - Canada

    AppBrew is Innovative Mobile App Development Agency.Established by industry experts with a vision of helping Startups, Entrepreneurs & Visionaries building great Products on Mobile Platforms. In a short span AppBrew has fueled success of 20+ startups worldwide to launch their...


    Mississauga - Canada

    SKYHiDEV takes pride in being the most dedicated and talented group mobile app developers in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.Our dedicated mobile app designers and developers in Toronto and Vancouver area ensure the full realization of the mobile potential of your...

  • Something Else Labs is a Canada based Website and Mobile App Development company.

  • Norbsoft

    Northfield - Canada

    Founded in 2003, Norbsoft is a leading mobile application developer comprised of highly skilled professionals with expertise in mobile strategy, user experience design and custom application development. To date we have created over two hundred innovative and compelling mobile applications...

  • Welcome to TAS Technologies -  Top SEO Company in Toronto,Canada Achieving Top Rankings in Google and Grow Your Business with Toronto's Top SEO & Internet Marketing Company SEO, web design, social media management, blogging, and PCC management are just some of the...

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  • Mobile App Development Firms in Canada


    How much do you know about mobile app development firms? If you’re anything like the majority of people, probably not too much. How much do you really know about the industry that’s predicted to create $98 billion in revenue by 2022? It turns out, not much more than what the ads and the media tell you, and we all know how reliable that information can be! In order to make an informed decision about who should develop your mobile application, we’ve compiled this list of the top mobile app development firms currently operating in your local area.


    The App Store and Google Play are home to millions of free apps, with more being added every day, but many businesses would rather hire an expert firm to develop their own mobile app. Because creating an app can be time-consuming and expensive, it’s important to pick the right development company from the start. 


    Mobile apps are programs developed for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps provide users with additional features and functionality to enhance their smartphone experience. Also known as mobile software or apps, these applications can range from very simple features such as calculators, calendars, and weather trackers to more complex offerings such as GPS navigation, music streaming, and photo editing capabilities. In today's connected world, it is important for companies to have a presence on mobile devices; therefore many businesses choose to hire mobile app development companies in order to ensure their customers are able to access their products or services via mobile. Hiring a team of professionals is often much less expensive than attempting to develop an app in-house.


    Mobile apps can help increase your brand awareness, mobile apps are a great way to get people into your brick and mortar store, users of mobile devices are more likely to be in purchasing mode, provide users with an easy way to stay up-to-date on all that is going on with your company. Mobile app development firms don’t come cheap but you get what you pay for. When you develop a high quality app for yourself or for your business you will have something that can last a long time and be used by thousands of people. Developing an app takes time, energy and effort so if you want something done right do it yourself or hire someone who has experience in mobile app development.


    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of your options. There are plenty of mobile app development agencies out there and you’ll probably want to talk to a few before making a decision. Before you start talking to agencies, it helps to have some questions prepared. Check out these tips for vetting mobile app developers and make sure you choose an agency that is right for your business.


    While it’s impossible to put a number on how long an agency should be around, there are certainly things to look out for. For example, if they’ve only been in business for six months but already claim 50 clients, something seems off. It also doesn’t hurt to ask them how many apps they’ve built for iOS and Android. 

    1. Check their portfolio of mobile apps and see if there are any that seem similar to what you need done so you can gauge their skill level. If nothing else, look at your competitors’ apps and judge from there whether or not you think they could do good work for you. 


    2. Do I really need to hire an SEO agency? As we said before, while it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of your options, doing everything yourself isn’t always best—especially if you don't have much experience in mobile app development. Hiring a mobile app development agency gives you access to years worth of expertise and best practices; plus, agencies probably know which tools will help speed up the process (something you probably won't know until after building more than one). 


    3. What is included in your services? It helps to start thinking about where exactly you want things headed with your app early on—at least as far as design goes. Make sure you're clear on whether or not design will be included and try to read through some previous projects. 


    4. Do I like working with these people? This is perhaps the most important question of all: when talking to potential mobile app developers, see if you feel comfortable enough to ask questions without feeling awkward or embarrassed. You'll likely spend a lot of time working together—so make sure you trust your team! There's nothing worse than coming up against dead ends because no one has bothered taking notes.