Top Web Development Firms in Germany

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  • seo-nerd GmbH

    Berlin - Germany

    The nerd supports you together with his team of SEO agency Berlin in the optimal positioning of your page in the SERPs. As the nerdigste Online Marketing Agency of the capital, we not only have the know-how, but also many...

  • Allison Consulting

    Wolfsburg - Germany

    We develop business and digital marketing strategies to enhance business performance. Our services include web design, online marketing, social media advertising, content writing, and search engine optimisation. We offer custom-tailored recommendations to improve online presence and performance through strategic digital...

  • comprisma

    Munich - Germany

    The young marketing, SEO & PR agency COMPRISMA based in the media city of Munich offers the entire spectrum of modern marketing and corporate communications. Founded in 2012 by industry expert Björn Berensmann, strategy and implementation consulting is aimed primarily...

  • empathic web design for business. Conect people with people on a digital way.

  • i-fabrik

    Leipzig - Germany

    Uncompromising digital, with passion for design & development We are a team of competent individualists, looking for new projects. Sophisticated digital concepts with personality are part of our expertise. Using the latest digital technologies, we develop functional solutions that are...

  • Strategic brand consulting and creative public relations. Created with love, courage and knowledge. K-MB is a full-service, integrated communications agency with offices in Berlin and New York City. K-MB specializes in public and media relations, event marketing, digital marketing and...

  • Werbepresse Gbr

    Heidelberg - Germany

    You rank on the second page of Google or in the bottom part of page one for your relevant keywords? That's painful, and you do not get the traffic on your website you need. Through search engine optimized (SEO) content...

  • Dr. Haffa & Partner is a B2B communication agency in Munich for IT and technology companies. With our experience of more than 30 years and a colorful team of competent communication professionals, we put companies, their products, and services in...

  • INFOkontor GmbH

    Cologne - Germany

    Communication from TV to Web: Moving Times with Moving Pictures An exciting world is the one of these days, when moving pictures conquer more and more the wide world of the Internet and connect with social media and real-time communication....

  • Netgenerator GmbH is a berlin-based webdesign agency, founded in 1998 and with huge experiences in webdesign, UX, webdevelopment and SEO. In contrast to common agencies the Netgenerator Webdesign Berlin crew provides real handcrafted webdesign and development. Latest portfolio available at . 

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  • Web Development Firms in Germany


    View this list of the top web development marketing firms to get an idea of who’s doing what in the web development world and which agencies are leaders in their respective niches. Don’t see your favorite film on the list? Let us know in the comments below!


    Web development is a process of building websites and applications that use web technologies, such as HTML5 and CSS3. In today’s digital world, all businesses depend on their online presence to succeed. The need for accessible, interactive, user-friendly digital content has never been more important. A website is often one of your most powerful business tools because it can promote your products or services and provide your customers with easy access to any information they need about you—and in some cases even allow them to buy from you! Anyone who wants to be taken seriously in today’s modern business environment needs a professional-looking website, which means finding a reputable web developer or design company is crucial.


    Web development companies provide services for their clients that include web design, website creation, web hosting and search engine optimization. Web design is a broad term used to describe how a page looks. Examples of web design include software applications and brochures as well as websites. A website is a combination of different elements including text, images, multimedia and links to other pages on or off-line. Web hosting refers to storing data files on a server that allow visitors to your site to view your content through their Internet browser. Search engine optimization describes techniques used by companies with an Internet presence so that relevant information about them will appear high in search results for specific keywords or key phrases. Good SEO enhances business value by improving your company's visibility among customers who are looking for products or services like yours online.


    With increased competition among existing and potential clients, having a digital presence is imperative for every company that wishes to survive in today’s marketplace. Although most companies now use online marketing to boost their brands, it is also essential to understand that not all web development services are created equal. Many local businesses have landed themselves in hot water by dealing with fly-by-night SEO providers or rushed web developers who ended up damaging their image instead of improving it. Make sure you hire from reputable web development services providers. These experienced web development agencies will guide you through every step of your campaign without compromising on speed or quality. You can also make things easier for yourself by outsourcing your entire website maintenance and updates to them.


    Hiring a web designing company is an exciting time for any business, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Like with most major projects, we suggest doing your research and making sure you have answers to important questions before moving forward. We recommend having a list of about 5-10 questions for each company you're considering hiring so that you don't forget anything important. Here are some things to consider: How much experience do they have in your field? This will give you an idea of how experienced they are with your industry and likely how well they'll know your needs. Do they offer hosting services? If not, what is their strategy for getting your site live on a server? What is their process for measuring success?


    In today’s fast-paced world, no business can afford to ignore its online presence. Web agencies are a growing niche within web development, and for good reason: many businesses simply don’t have the in-house talent necessary to build and maintain an effective website. Hiring a reputable agency gives companies all over the world access to high-quality web design services at competitive prices. If you’re looking for expert designers or developers of any type, look no further than our Top 10 list of web development agencies that can meet your company’s unique needs!