Top Job Board Software Firms in United Kingdom

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  • MyPeopleBiz

    Birmingham - United Kingdom

    An ATS with advanced artificial intelligence technology that makes recruitment cheaper, quicker, more efficient and easier to manage, it provides you with a recruitment portal, applicant tracking, candidate management and interview scheduling that utilises the latest parsing technology to automate...

  • JobWeb

    Farnborough - United Kingdom

    Strategies have over 20 years experience of providing hosted, managed job board software solutions. We create fully functional job board solutions for our clients and then manage the technology on an ongoing basis, allowing our clients to spend more time...

  • Madgex

    Brighton - United Kingdom

    Madgex provides technology that unlocks audience value of professional audiences. We provide a range of SaaS technology and support services, enabling our clients to operate a high performing job board platform that perfectly represents their brand and provides a valuable...

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