Best Virtual Assistant Firms in United States - 2020

  • Faith eCommerce Services

    Orlando - United States

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    Faith eCommerce Services is a leading eCommerce service provider entitling clients worldwide to achieve the business growth and development through its services that enhance business processes and eff

  • Imaginovation

    Raleigh - United States

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    Imaginovation is a 100% organically bootstrapped company that started with a simple Craigslist ad. Two friends and brother in-law’s Pete Peranzo (our CEO) & Michael Georgiou (our CMO) incorporat

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  • Top Virtual Assistant Firms

    We at SEM Firms, list top Virtual assistants at our website. From data entry to making calenders, from writing content to managing finances, from managing social media to research, you name it they will do it. Hiring a virtual assistant is profitable in many aspects. Instead of hiring a full time employee one can go for a virtual assistant. Hiring an employee involves numerous expenditures like higher salary, workspace, work equipments and many more whereas hiring a virtual assistant will reduce company expenditure exponentially. Managing a virtual assistant has become easier with increase in connectivity. Hiring a virtual assistant can come with its fair share of concerns. Communication is the most essential part of managing a virtual assistant. Communication will help in checking the work progress and will also build trust.

    Companies can enable their employees to interact with virtual assistants; this will provide a clear picture of the task to be done and different ways to perform that task. So, we check everything before listing them. Hiring a virtual assistant is easy. With such exposure on the internet today one can easily hunt a virtual assistant. Posting a vacancy on different platforms mentioning the task required can easily track down number of virtual assistant candidates.